Sunday, June 17, 2012

A really good daddy!

I remember asking God for a lot of things regarding my future husband.  I prayed that God would grant the desires of my heart where he was concerned.  But, I don't remember praying specifically that he would be a good dad.  Maybe I did and I just don't remember but either way, the incredible husband that God gave me also happens to be a really good daddy!

I knew he would be a good dad from the moment he held Jonah in his arms then snuggled us up close and prayed over him and us.  That was just minutes after he was born.  I watched him learn to hold, feed, bathe and rock a newborn baby to sleep.  I saw his eyes light up as he taught Jonah new things.  I watched him read stories to Jonah with the biggest and funniest voices ever.  

Then, Micah came along and I saw the love double.  I watch him walk in after working a 16 hour day and go straight to our boy's rooms.  Rather than eating, changing clothes or turning on the TV, he goes in and kneels next to their beds to hug and kiss them.  I listen to them all squeal as they wrestle and play the "I'm gonna get you" game.  I watch him spend hours in the pool teaching them to swim.  I listen over monitors as he teaches them God's word and about how much God loves them.
I celebrate him today because he is a really good daddy.  He takes his responsibility very serious.  He loves me and lives that out in front of our boys.  He works really hard.  He shows us every day what it is like to live a life of character and integrity.  He makes hard decisions and stands by them.  He helps other people.  He is fiercely loyal.  He puts others ahead of himself.  He gives credit and accolades to others when he is the one due.  He understands the important role of a father and strives to be a good one.
On this day, I honor him.  I'm so blessed to be his wife and walk this road of parenthood with him.  Our boys are so lucky that he is their daddy.  He is a good, good man!

Don't marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him.  

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