Monday, June 25, 2012

Rainy Day Ramblings

Today begins the third week of Jonah's summer vacation.  It also happens to be the first day we have been home.  Jonah's summer break has been full of fun.  From play dates to camps to pool time to the adventures with our whole family, he has had a ton of fun.  But, today we are home.  And, it is nice.  We are all still in our pajamas.  The boys are playing with Micah's Little People barnyard.  I'm working on insurance claims from Jonah's broken arm.

Yesterday, Tropical Storm Debby made her way across our state.  We have had rain.  A lot of rain!  I don't really mind the rain because we so desperately need it.  Our state has been in a drought for most of the time we have lived here.  The rainy season everyone told us about hasn't happened since we have lived here.  So, to see the retention ponds filling up again and the grass looking greener has been a nice change.  And, just as an added bonus, my water bill should go down drastically!

Micah's latest obsession is Elmo.  He loves him.  If he doesn't know your name, he calls you Elmo.  He wakes up in the morning saying Elmo.  He goes to sleep at night saying "night-night Elmo!"  He pulls his dirty Elmo shirts out of the laundry pile and carries them around.  We listen to Elmo music in the car.  He finds the Elmo DVD and brings it to us saying "Pease, Elmo?  Pease, Elmo!"  It is really sweet.  I'm thinking an Elmo birthday party might be the way to go for him.

And, speaking of birthday parties, Jonah's is just a month away.  Six!  Planning this birthday party has been the most difficult of all his parties.  Mainly because he can't decide what to do.  He is torn between a BounceU, Martial Arts or Mad Scientist party.  The first two definitely go against my party planning nature.  At those places, you just show up.  I wouldn't be allowed to take any decorations, coordinating plates/cups/napkins or anything with me.  They handle every single detail.  Most moms see that as a gift.  It stresses me out a little bit.  But, I could totally go with it if that is what he wants.  It sure would be a lot less stressful.

Just when I think he has settled on one of the parties, he throws me for a loop and reverts back to wanting the science party.  I know that would be so fun but it would be so much work.  I'm not sure if I have the time to actually pull it off.  It requires a ton of planning.  Probably more than I've done for any other party.  So, today or tomorrow, he has to decide for sure between the jump house party at Bounce U or the Martial Arts party.  Maybe we will do the science party next year.  It will probably take me a full year to plan for it anyway.  :-)

I realized this morning that if we don't go home this summer, it will be the first summer since we moved here that we haven't made that trip.  Our original plans included us going home around our trip to the Southern Baptist Convention earlier this month.  Then that trip got cancelled.  So, now I'm trying to see if it would work for us to go before Jonah starts school.  If not, it would be next summer before we could work it out again.  And, Micah won't fly free then!  I really want Dan to go with us though.  He hasn't been home since we moved here.

Well, Micah just went down for his nap so I'm off to play card games with Jonah.  We've already done flashcards for sight words this morning.  We try to do something educational every day in the midst of all the fun.  Last week it was math.  (Maybe I'll do better at math if I learn along with him!!)  This week is reading and sight words.  Although, he knows all of the first grade words already.  Reading is definitely going to be his strong point.

I'll be back later for a post with pictures.  Since I know that is what you all really come here for!

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