Saturday, June 30, 2012

A night on the porch

Thursday night, I let the boys come straight from the pool for dinner.  It was so fun.  I waited until Dan got home from work then traded off with him.  He got in the pool with them and I went inside to finish dinner.  I was trying a new steak recipe for the two of us and so I made the boys chicken, mac & cheese and baked sweet potatoes.  I fixed their plates and put them on the table.  Micah spotted the food and started yelling "!"  He was at the table with a spoon in his hand before Jonah got out of the pool.  

The boys ate their dinner while we sat outside and ate our steaks.  I'm definitely a fan of the iron skillet method of cooking a steak.  I'm not sure we will do many more grilled steaks after eating them that way.  They were fabulous!  After we were all done with dinner, we just hung out on the patio for several hours.  The boys played with Max and then played at the water table.  It was such a perfect Florida evening!

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4 J's said...

Post the recipe! Sounds like one worth trying!


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