Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Micah's First Library Story Time

 I took Micah to the 0-3 Story Time at the library today.  We were joined by two of his little friends from church.  Maks is 5 month old and Eli is 7 months old.  They are obviously much younger than him but they really enjoyed it.  
 Micah, on the other hand, decided to see if he could stand on his head.  THE. ENTIRE. TIME.  He even flipped over a couple of times.  I'm guessing we should try the gymnastics place next week rather than the library.  

I took about ten pictures that look just like the next one.  That silly boy!  Who knows what he was doing?!?!  So far, reading isn't quite his thing.  Nor is sitting still.  Or being calm.  (See a trend here?)  He sure enjoys life though!

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