Saturday, June 2, 2012

The first waterpark day of 2012...and the day my camera broke

Last summer, I bought a super cool waterproof camera to use for beach, pool and water park days.  It served me well for a full year.  I love it so much that I told Dan as I used it today "this camera is so great that I'd buy another one tomorrow."  Apparently, that camera had ears and heard me because just a few hours later, it broke.  Seriously, it died!  Somehow, water infiltrated somewhere and fried it.  Who knew a waterproof camera could die from water exposure??  Oh well!?  At least I got one beach day in and one water park day before it died.  

Dan spotted these swim suits at Target but we could never find them in both sizes that we needed.  He kept talking about how much he liked them.  It made me a woman on mission to find them.  Anytime a man talks about liking clothes, it becomes the responsibility of the woman to buy them.  Right?  Ahem!  Moving on...

I never tried the clothes on the boys but washed them and packed them.  Jonah's shirt fit him a little too tightly but I didn't have a back up so he was forced to wear it.  While he sat in the stroller (so it wouldn't tip over from all the bags) Dan took Micah to the bathroom to put his swim clothes on.  When he walked out, I immediately noticed that Micah's was way too big.  

Then it hit me...they were wearing each other's shirt.  Jonah had on an 18 month rash guard and Micah had on the 5T.  Hee Hee.  You really can't tell how crazy it looked from the pictures but it was quite comical.  

After the shirts were switched back, we headed to the kiddie area to play for awhile.  Both boys had fun but Micah had a LARGE time.  I think he could stay in water all day long.  

Yes, that is Micah completely underwater but he always flipped over quickly and found his way back to his two feet.  

After playing there for a while, we headed to the wave pool.  Jonah was determined to wear a life vest.  So, we made Micah wear one also.  He was not thrilled with this idea.  

If you have been around Micah lately, you know he is OBSESSED with Elmo.  Or, Elbow as he calls him.  Dan took him to Walmart last week and came home with these swim shoes.  Micah can hardly walk for looking at them.  He walks with his head down and pointing at the shoes saying "Elbow, Elbow, see?"
From this point forward, all the pictures seem to have a blurry spot.  I think that is when the water started to seep in.  

And then the camera died.  So, no other pictures from our fun day.  But, it was fun.  And, a great day with our entire family together and no phones or computers.  Life has been somewhat crazy for our family lately and this day was so needed.  I'm so grateful to God for these Glenn boys!

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