Thursday, June 21, 2012

Family fun at Family Fun Town

A couple of weeks ago, we drove a few miles down the road to Family Fun Town.  It was the first time  Micah had been to a miniature golf course.  It very well may be the last.  That kid was WILD.  I think we played the fastest round of miniature golf in the history of that game.  No kidding, we played 18 holes in 20 minutes!  The boys ran from hole to hole.  And, that was fairly easy to do since there was only one other family playing.  

A large part of the time on the course was spent pulling Micah's club from the water.  Somehow, that kid instinctively knew to throw a club.  I'm guessing that is due to his short time with Jimmy Hibbs.  (ha!)  

Yep, there is Dan fishing Micah's club out of the water...AGAIN!  It is a miracle that Micah didn't end up in the water.  It wasn't from lack of trying on his part for sure.  He would have gone right in.  We fought him to keep him out.  

I was so glad I thought to pack water for each of them because it was HOT out there.  

After our FAST game of golf, we moved inside for some time in the arcade.  Like most little boys, Jonah could spend an entire day playing video games.  We never put any money in the games Micah played but he was quite content.  

Micah was WORN out so I took him to the car while Jonah and Dan rode the go-carts.  Micah isn't quite tall enough yet to ride them but he is certainly wild enough to partake in the adventure!

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Barb said...

LOVE the photos of Micah crawling under the rock - too cute! And Jonah's spikey hair makes me smile every time I see it. :)


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