Monday, June 18, 2012

End of Year Kindergarten Celebration

My mom just reminded me that she hasn't seen any pictures from Jonah's graduation.  So, here they are.    Except, he didn't actually graduate.  They don't do that in Kindergarten here.  Instead, he had an awards ceremony and luau.  But, I took just as many pictures at that as I would have at an actual graduation.  

They sang a super cute song about Kindergarten to the tune of The Addams Family.  Jonah yawned several times in the midst of the song.  Apparently he was a bit bored.  

Jonah was presented with his Kindergarten medal by his teacher, Mrs. Myers.  Can I just tell you how wonderful this woman is?  Man, I'm amazed at her ability to teach.  The things she taught Jonah and the methods she used are astounding!  What I would give to have her move up with Jonah next year.  

Jonah was one of three Kindergarten students recognized for being in the 100 point club for Reading counts.  We are so proud of him for this accomplishment.  He is quite the little reader.  Now that I'm a season parent of a Freedom Falcon, I know that you don't have to read each book for a week before taking the Reading Counts test.  From Novemebr until late January, he only got one point per week because we made him read the same book every day. HA.  Oops.  Once we understood the rules, he started testing on 3-4 books a day.  

Here is Jonah with his entire class.  What a year this has been for him and what sweet little friendships he has made.  

After the ceremony, we moved to Jonah's classroom for a luau.  I went the day before and helped set up for party.  It was super cute and the kids were so excited to have their parents there.  

Since Ava is in Jonah's class, Ms. Nancy was there for the celebration.  If you remember, she was the director of Jonah's preschool.  Jonah, and several friends from his class all had her as a teacher at ECDC.  We ALL love Nancy!

Ms. Nancy with her little ECDC graduates who are now Falcons!

Seriously, how can any teacher ever top her?  

The night before his last day of school, we spent some time coloring and writing a thank you note for Mrs. Myers.  

We got up early on the last day of school to take a few pictures.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it.  Such a cute idea to hold a framed picture from the first day of school on the last.  Someone posted another Pinterest photo with a high school senior holding this picture.  Wow.  Hard to believe that day will come soon.  

We had such a wonderful first year of school that I can only hope the rest of Jonah's educational career goes as well.  We struggled so much with the decision to start him when we did and where to send him for school.  With a full year under our belt, we feel good about our decisions.  This little boy continues to amaze us with all he soaks up and "gets!"  We are super proud of him!!

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