Monday, June 25, 2012

The battle of the pillows

During breakfast this morning, Jonah and I looked over the list of 100 things to do this summer.  We tried to find a few things we could do inside since it is raining.  Jonah spotted "pillow fight" and asked what that was.  I explained a pillow fight to him then he said "Yeah, let's do THAT!!!"  So, we started talking about it.  I told him that we definitely needed to wait for Dan to get home.  This needed to be a family event!!

So, Jonah was super excited for the pillow fight to come.  He could hardly wait.  After the first couple of blows, I bowed out and grabbed my camera.  My boys had a ball!  Little Micah is a tough guy and hung right in there with Dan and Jonah.  He took several falls but came right back up fighting.  What a fun time!

 Any time Micah landed on a pillow, he would say "Nighhhhhhht-Nighhhhhhhht!"  Then he would giggle until someone hit him with a pillow.  

 In the midst of the pillow fight, Micah stopped to take a very important phone call from Elmo.  "Hewwoo, Elmo?  Elmo??"

 Jimmy sent a text during the big battle so we ended up on FaceTime with him.  He giggled as much as they did.  It really was quite comical.  

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