Monday, May 21, 2012

Ready for Summer Break

I am so ready for school to be OVER.  We don't get out until June 8.  JUNE!!!  I told Jonah that including today, there are three more Mondays before he doesn't have school but one of those is Memorial Day and he doesn't have school anyway.  He wanted to know what Memorial Day is.  I used basic terms to describe it.  Then he said, "Oh, you mean when people died like in the world wars and Vietnam?" Guess he knows more than I give him credit for.

We have so many fun things planned this summer.  Several families we are close to have the Disney Water park passes.  So, we are planning weekly water park dates with them.  Vacation Bible School is later this year and I'm really glad about that.  It gives Jonah something to look forward to.  The summer movie schedules are starting to come out so we will pick the ones we want to see and schedule around those.  Then, there is always the beach.  

And, for those days that we don't do something big, I found a link on Pinterest that will be front and center on our fridge.  We hope to check every one of these things off before school starts again in August.

Seriously, I'm more ready than he is.  I'm ready for leisurely mornings that don't include waking a sleepy boy, rushing him to potty and brush his teeth and then sending him out the door while he finishes his breakfast.  I'm ready to make pancakes together, stay in our PJ's all day sometimes, go to story time at the library, play with friends and just have FUN!  

Come on summer break!!!

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