Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A luncheon for Widows

One of my favorite parts of ministry is the opportunity to be around and learn from our Senior Adults.  We both recognize the wisdom they have and treasure the time we spend with them.  One of the things on my calendar each month is our Widows & Senior Singles lunch.  Micah and I make almost every one of them.  Dan comes if he can free his calendar which means he is there about half of the time.  

The problem with that lunch is finding the time to spend individually with the ladies.  We basically go from table to table to speak but don't get much interaction with individuals.  So, I decided to begin having luncheons in our home so I could spend more specific time with the ladies.  I planned them so that Micah would be here for entertainment.  The first one was a couple of months ago (yes, yes, yes...I'm still behind on blogging!) and Micah got all dressed up for the ladies.  

In order to host eleven ladies for a meal, I needed a little assistance.  So, I recruited Ms. Dottie and Ms. Louise to help.  (Ms. Dottie on the left and Ms. Louise in the middle)  I have a list of 100+ ladies so I started working my way through the list to find the first eleven to invite.  It should take about ten luncheons to get to all the ladies.  

My goal was to leave an empty chair at each table so I could go between the two tables to chat with the ladies while they ate their meal.  But, one of our ladies needed a driver so we had an extra person join us for this meal and I ended up just staying seated at one table.  

Here are pictures of the ladies who joined us for the first meal.  They are such sweet women of faith and I so enjoyed getting to spend time with them.  

Jodie (on the right) drove Ms. Christine so she got to enjoy being with the ladies too.  
My wonderful kitchen crew ended up at the bar in the uncomfortable seats.  I'm going to really owe them when these luncheons are over.  I might even spring for a trip to Taco Bell for them.  :-)

Micah sat in his chair but refused all food we offered.  I finally caved and gave him a popsicle since he was teething and a little crabby.  I felt sure his teeth were bothering him.  But, after they all left, he scarfed down two sandwiches.  I guess he was just a little too social to eat!  :-)

"Gray hair is a crown of splendor.  It is attained by a righteous life."  Proverbs 16:31

"Days should speak and multitude of years should teach wisdom."  Job 32:7

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