Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy #6 to Rylan Carlos

A few weeks ago, we helped Rylan Carlos celebrate his 6th birthday.  Jonah was so excited to get to the party and hang out with all his buddies.  There were 14 boys his age there.  Can we say BRAVE parents??

The party was a perfect mix of swimming and picnic style games.  The boys never got bored because they switched activities every 15-20 minutes.  

Before singing to Carlos, his dad took some time to tell all the kids that RC's birthday happens to fall on the day that Guatemala celebrates Mother's Day every year.  He talked about how difficult it must have been for his birth mother to give birth on that day and then hand her baby over to be adopted by another mother.  So, each year on his birthday, they take time honor her, think about her and pray for her.  It was such a sweet moment and such a teachable time for all of those kiddos.  

When the invites were sent for the party, they requested we bring donations to Compassion International rather than bring a gift for Rylan.  They had a picture of the little girl they sponsor and all the kids got to hear about her and contribute to a party for her 6th birthday that comes in August.  

We were happy to celebrate with Rylan on his special day.  He has become such a special friend to Jonah over this last year.  Birthdays are a reminder of just how much better our lives are because of the people that are in it.  

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Penny said...

What a sweet birthday party~ from the prayers for Rylan's birthmom to the donations to Compassion! What a precious family! :)


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