Thursday, May 10, 2012

A day with the doctors

We got Jonah from school early on Friday because he had two doctor appointments.  The first was at his ENT to have the hole in his ear checked.  

Dan, the resident finger nail clipper, pulled out his clippers to cut Jonah's nails.  RIGHT THERE IN THE EXAM ROOM!  I  was mortified.  I quickly asked him what he was doing and he said he noticed Jonah's nails before school but didn't have time to trim them.  But, he knew he would have time while waiting for the doctor.  OH MY WORD!  Thankfully, she didn't walk in while we were in the midst of a personal grooming session.  

Micah didn't want to be left out so he got his trimmed also.  Even though I was embarrassed at the location, I'm so so so glad this is one of the duties Dan performs.  I hate trimming nails.  I have never touched one of Micah's and only trimmed Jonah's maybe once in his whole life.  So, I guess I shouldn't really complain about the location he chooses to do it as long as I don't have to be the one doing it.  :-0

We were so hopeful that the hole would finally be closed but it wasn't.  We are now looking at surgery again.  Ugh.  We had some modifications done to his earplug and now we just hope we can get through prime swimming season without having to do the surgery.  Because, once it is done, he has 6-10 weeks of NO WATER!

After some pretty uncomfortable clean out, he got to leave that appointment and head to the next one.  We knew he was getting his cast off so we took one last picture with it before going inside.  

He explained to Jonah how the saw worked and answered any questions he had.  Jonah was all first.  

The moment his arm had no support, he smile turned to a frown and his little eyes filled with tears.  It hurt and he was scared.  

The doctor kept telling him it was going to take some times for his muscles to wake up but the more he talked, the more upset Jonah was.  So much so that he had to be carried to the exam room.  Apparently a hurt arm affects your legs also.  

At one point, he was crying and Micah was crying.  They were both hungry.  They were both tired of sitting there.  It was one of those times where you realize the people in every other exam room are calling you "those parents!"  What little control we once had was completely gone.  


After another X-ray to further prove the bones were completely healed, he decided to wrap Jonah's arm in an ace bandage to give him more support.  He said he could wear it for the next week and for us to wean him off of it.  

Since this was my first experience with a broken bone, I was completely surprised that he wasn't okay after the cast was removed.  I thought we would leave there and life would be back to normal.  But, after a few more days of adjustment, he was fine and his arm was back to 100%.

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