Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Break Disney Day

When our Spring Break plans changed, we tried to come up with a couple of fun things to do with the boys.  Dan ended up working all week but was still off on Friday.  So, we went to Magic Kingdom for the day.  

We rode the boat over instead of the Monorail.  Dan sat with the boys on the row in front of me.  I was so glad because at one point, Micah leaned his head onto Jonah's shoulder and I was behind them to capture it.  So very sweet.  

I handed Dan my camera so he could get it from the front.  No camera could ever capture the love these two have between them.  

The train station in the old Toon Town finally reopened so we got on that and rode around to see all of the new stuff.  The boys spotted my snack bag and started eating before we even left the train station.  

Jonah and Dan stopped to ride the newly reopened Goofy's Barnstormer ride.  Micah and I kept walking and ended up at the People Mover in Tomorrow Land.  We rode it around a couple of times and then met up with Dan and Jonah.

We had Fast Passes for the Buzz Lightyear ride.  The big boys are all serious about the game portion of the ride, so I always take Micah and let him just spin us around and pretend to shoot the laser gun.  

I snapped pictures of the picture screen on the way out.  Micah looks awfully tired.  Dan looks awfully intense.  

We left there and went to the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.   That was Micah's favorite part of the day.  He was so tuned in.  He giggled, clapped and danced.  It was so fun to watch him.  

We decided to stay for the Mainstreet Electric Light Parade and Fireworks even though it was super late.  Micah had been all day with no nap but hung in there like a champ. 

He did well until we took him out of the stroller so he could see better.  Once he was out, he wanted down.  If you've ever sat there for fireworks or parade viewing, then you know that getting down is not an option.  He was not happy about having to stay in Dan's arms.  

He finally fell asleep during the last ten minutes of the fireworks.  Sweet boy was OUT.  He slept until we made it to the car and then was awake for the whole ride home.  

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T's Mommy said...

Looks so fun! I love people mover and miss it is DisneyLand!!! Did you meet any characters that day? We just got back from Land so I'm still giddy about Disney!!!!


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