Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ring The Bell- The Movie

Several months ago, the news hit DeLand that a Christian movie was going to be filmed here.  Sawyer Brown was here in December for a concert and fell in love with our town.  The lead singer is the producer of this movie so he decided to come here to film.  They had auditions for roles in the movie and several of our church members got parts.  

Dan was asked to come to the set to do the morning devotion on one of the filming days.  After that, he stayed in contact with those producing and directing the movie.  When they needed extras for the movie, they contacted him to enlist some church members.  As a result, Dan got to be involved with the movie a couple of times.  

The first day was several weeks ago.  Dan and many of our church members gathered at a local church for a "church picnic."  I really wanted to go and take Micah with us but I keep two kids on Monday afternoons and didn't want to cancel on them.  We were told the entire day would be like one big family picnic.  So, it would have been fun to be there as a family but since I couldn't go, I sent my camera with Dan.  

This also happened to be the day Steven Curtis Chapman was there.  He plays a pastor in the movie.  

They asked us to bring anything that would be fun to do outside.  Dan packed a picnic lunch and lots of fun outside toys for them.  He took balls, bouncy toys, corn hole and frisbees.  Jonah had a wonderful time.  He never really knew he was being filmed.  He just loved the time with his daddy!

And, if you know Dan well, then you probably know his love of 'photo bombing!'  Well, he couldn't let the day pass without getting in a Steven Curtis Chapman photo.  
And, I was glad to get this picture of my boys with SCC.  He has been one of our favorite artists for many years so this picture is pretty special to me.  

Dan and Jonah had so much fun!  Dan actually participated in another day of filming but I don't have pictures of that day.  We can't wait to see this movie when it comes out this time next year.  

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