Friday, April 13, 2012

A little Easter Fun

When we were driving home from South Carolina back in November, I got an email from a company that sells smocked and matching clothing.  They were having a massive sale so I did a little online shopping as we drove.  I was able to get my boys several things that match or coordinate.  Right now, Jonah loves to match his little brother but I know that will end soon.  SOOOOO, I'll do it while I can.  And, while we are on the subject of clothes, I get to do smocked until age 2 so Micah's "clown suit" days are numbered!

And, just so you don't think our lives are all smiles and giggles, here ya go!  Dude wanted DOWN!

After church that day, we headed over to FBCD fora little program and egg hunt.  Micah was happy to see people he knew there.  

Jonah, even though he had friends there, clammed up and stuck as close to me as possible.  (except when I moved away to take pictures!)  Micah, on the other hand, took off to the stage and danced like a fool.  Everyone was laughing at him.  

After the program, we moved outside for egg hunts.  They were divided by age so Micah went first.  My friend Christy went with me because Dan had to work all day.  I'm so grateful for her help because I could not have done that event on my own without extra hands.  And, there would certainly be no pictures.  

After Micah looked for eggs on his own for a while, his big brother swooped in to help.  

"You know, if we dump them out, we could start all over again!"

Christy attempted a good picture of me with my boys.  I'm not sure we ever got one.  Between holding Micah's hands down and Jonah squinting, it was just too much work!

The highlight of the day for Micah was seeing a puppy.  He loved that little dog.  

After a couple of groups hunted eggs, it was Jonah's turn.  He took off outside and crawled under bushes and trees like an egg hunting pro.  

It was another fun day with my boys and some of my good friends.  I wish Dan had been part of the day with us but work beckoned.  At least we have pictures to show him.  :-)


Tonya said...

Found you through Kelly's Korner. Your boys are so cute! I too love the smocked outfits, but my husband puts his foot down at the two year mark too. ha. :) Blessings.

Recipes We Love said...

Hi! Found you by way of Kelly's Korner! My best friend, who I co-blog with, did the SUYL this week. I was drawn to your title because my husband is in seminary currently and we have two small children as well. Have a blessed day! Btw your kiddos are adorable and LOVE the outfits!

His Doorkeeper said...

Your boys are BEAUTIFUL!! Well, HANDSOME!! Love the youngest in his little sweet and you can only do that when they are small!!! So enjoy while you can! I had a sweet baby boy I dressed like that and he's 36 now and expecting his own child soon!!

You are blessed! Thanks for sharing on Kelly's "All Boys" blog!


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