Sunday, April 15, 2012


I am so amazed with the things Jonah has learned in his first year of school.  Anyone who thinks Kindergarten is all about coloring and playdoh is SOOO wrong.  This little boy has done some serious learning.  A couple of weeks ago, his class did a unit on Japan.  They ended the week with a party that I helped with.  

David's mom is the school nurse and Jonah is pretty enamoured with her.  He often tells me that "David's mom is in the clinic and that is a fun place to be!"  She came down to the party and talked to him about his arm.  

Everything we used was authentic Japanese food but  we knew they would not even touch real Sushi so we used powdered donuts (rice), swedish fish (fish) and fruit roll ups (seaweed) to let them make their own sushi.  They thought that was fun.  

Their most favorite thing was using the chopsticks.  A few of the kids were really good with them.  I could definitely tell who eats at P.F. Changs fairly often.  This boy is not one of those because he held the chopsticks with one hand and picked up the food with the other.  

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