Thursday, April 5, 2012

Introducing FROGGY!

If you have been around our blog for long, then you probably know all about Lammy.  Jonah loves that little lamb with all of his heart.  It truly is his very best friend.  Well, before Micah was born, I wanted a friend for him.  My friend Denise was on the lookout too and called one day to tell me she found a frog.    She described him to me and we decided this could be Micah's friend.  She bought three and shipped them to us.  

It wasn't until the last month or so that Micah has attached himself to these little frogs.  And, by frogs, I mean two of them.  He carries two of them at a time.  He sleeps with two at a time.  He puts two in his crib before his nap time.  The reason we buy three is so there will always be one if one happens to get lost or ruined.  Since he attached himself to two of them, we've been trying to break that and give him only one at a time.  We actually hid the other one last night.  

I took these pictures while he was still clutching on to two at a time.   

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