Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Important Information

Jonah's teacher sent a note home on Monday saying his class was learning about community helpers this week.  Because of all the talk of various community helpers, they also asked us to be sure our kids knew how to call 911, home phone number and home address.

As Jonah was working on his homework a few minutes ago, I was quizzing him on those numbers.  I asked his home phone number and he spouted it off to me.  Then I asked if he knew his home address.  He knew the street for sure but gets a little messed up on his house numbers.  After working on our home address for a bit, I said "Okay, what is the most important number you need to know?"

He never skipped a beat and said "The password to your iPad or iPhone so I can play games?"

Let's hope we don't have a true medical emergency around here because I'm pretty sure our iPad password is not going to help much!

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Barb said...

That is too funny!


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