Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holder's 3rd Birthday Party

Back in February, we attended Holder's 3rd birthday party.  Jonah is a couple of years older than him but Holder loves him so much.  And, Jonah is so sweet to Holder.  I love that he is so gentle and patient with kids younger than him.  I guess that comes  from having a little brother but several of the kids that are 1-2 years younger than him all call him their best friend.  Yeah, he is that sweet.  (Most of the time!)

Holder's mom did a great job planning a Dino theme party.  Holder L-O-V-E-S all things dinosaurs.  He probably knows as much about them as many dino experts!  It really is quite impressive.  He makes me feel kind of dumb when I'm playing with him.  

Micah was a little lost because his BFF, Miller was home with a stomach virus.  He would have had much more fun with his buddy there.  

Yeah, this was the invitation.  Impressive, huh?

Happy (2 months late) birthday to you Holder!  
We loved celebrating with you.  

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Aja said...

This post reminds me to get back to Holder's thank you notes. Life got a little off track a few weeks after this party! Can't wait for some type of normalcy back.


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