Monday, April 2, 2012

Hand in hand

We held hands as we walked.  I told him that one day he wouldn't want to hold my hand.  He didn't believe me.  I told him that one day he would be embarrassed if I kissed him or hugged him.  He didn't believe me.  We kept walking.  I told him that one day his friends would be more important to him that his mommy.  He didn't believe me.  We walked a little more, fingers connected.  Our two hands were one.  

After a little while, he let go of my hand and then he put his arm around my leg.  I looked down at him a smiled.  He said "well, I'm not embarrassed today!"  I believed him!

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Penny said...

That's so sweet! I pray he (and Micah) are like Ben Morris (Pattie's son). Ben never stopped loving on his mom in public. I remember looking over at them in church and seeing this 6 ft teenage boy with his arm draped around his mom's shoulders. lol He's now 24, engaged, and still loves his mom. He's just a very loving, sweet young man. Your two will probably be the same. :)


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