Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting the cast

As you know, we cancelled our trip home for Spring Break once Jonah broke his arm.  Rather than flying to MS, we spent the day at Arnold Palmer Children's Clinic.  Jonah was not thrilled with this.  He was still hurting and very embarrassed.  

His little brother, on the other hand, was all smiles and very WILD!  (Why on earth did we take him with us that day?  WOWZERS!)  It took all of us (and Elmo) to entertain him.  

The doc came in to talk to Jonah about his break.  He was INCREDIBLE with him.  The guy has certainly found his calling because he is so gifted with kids.  Jonah went from tears to giggles in just seconds.  

He took the fiberglass splint and ace bandage off and examined his arm.  He pointed out the two breaks on the xray again and told us Jonah definitely needed the cast.  We asked him about a waterproof cast because a friend of mine had one for her son.  We expected it to be super expensive because insurance doesn't cover them.  We were surprised to learn it was only $35 out of pocket.  SCORE!

He moved us to the next room and got everything ready to go.  We were all intrigued by the process.  I've never had a broken bone so I had no idea how a cast worked.  

After just a little time, the cast was hard enough for us to leave.  That blue cast changed Jonah's spirit.  He immediately became himself again.  He was no longer embarrassed or shy about his arm.  He didn't mind showing people.  He wanted everyone to know the story of what happened.  From the moment the cast went on, he didn't have one moment of pain or difficulty.  And, that waterproof cast was such a blessing.  SO much easier to bathe him and as a bonus, he got to swim!!

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