Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Sunday mornings are always a rush for us, so I thought about just skipping the baskets and letting the boys see them after church.  But, after the great basket disappointment of 2009, I opted to let them see the baskets before church.  If they were like normal kids who wake up early, they would have seen them early in the morning, but since we have to wake them up, we have to take them in there.  

Please notice the next picture.  Both boys are standing in front of the basket for the other one.  Isn't that so typical of us?  We always want what others have?  Jonah's basket was full of things he loves and the first thing he said was "I wish I had gotten a musical instrument!"  Aaugh!  As you can see, we are still working on gratitude with him.  
The drum was definitely the hit of the day.  I searched TRU to find a simple drum.  I found this one for $10.  It has been played with since the moment it was found.  Jonah likes it as much as Micah.  There have already been many tears over the silly thing.  Who knew?

Dan likes to leave the house well before 8:30 on Sunday mornings and that usually happens.  But, on Holidays, I like to all ride together but that makes him a little late.  I'm sure he loves that I wanted to take pictures before heading out the door.  I could tell he was itching to go but he did oblige me for a few photos.  

We were in such a hurry that I didn't get a single picture of my boys together.  I didn't realize it until late last night but it never happened over the course of the day either.  I'm sad to miss a picture of them together all dressed up in the Easter clothes.  Don't be surprised if I do that later this week.  Hey, when the years pass, no one will know it wasn't taken on the actual day of Easter!

After Sunday School, I ran over to the nursery to snap a couple of pictures of Micah and Miller.  Other people captured cute shots of them during the egg hunt.  I'll have to get copies of those.  

I almost didn't post the next three pictures but it is such a glimpse into our lives.  Micah accidentally hit Jonah's ear with his sandal.  Within seconds, Jonah was in TOTAL meltdown mode.  

It was so bad that Dan had to take him out to have a talk with him.  He was so upset and couldn't recover.  Several other families took their photos while we waited for Jonah to be okay.  I guess he was just tired or something.  Donna attempted a sweet picture of me with my baby boy but the Triaminic was doing a number on him.  He could barely stay awake, much less smile!
Well, unless his mommy tickled him like crazy.  
We attempted family photos in the foyer again.  After a few tries, we ended up with one that would work.  Then I noticed it looked like we were holding Jonah up or something.  

So, we tried again.  And, as you can see, Micah was totally into that idea.  Or not!

Seriously, can we not get ONE decent picture???

Maybe we should just give up and go outside by the cross for one.  Because, as you know, kids love pictures that are taken in direct sunlight.  Nothing makes them smile like the sun being right in their eyes.  

Ok, it's time to just give up and realize this may not be the 'year of the good picture!"  

After many failed attempts at pictures, we rushed home to get lunch ready.  We had several friends coming over for dinner.  We invited people who didn't have family here.  That was a fun way to spend Easter.  Right as we were about to sit down for lunch, our neighbors called to ask us to come over for an egg hunt.  We have done that every year since we moved here so we didn't want to say no.  We left everyone inside (smelling the yummy food) while we ran outside for a quick egg hunt.  

You'll notice our awfully dead and crunchy lawn with all the flags in the next pictures.  We have a new landscape project starting this week.  They had to put roundup over our entire yard so everything would die before they start.  So, please ignore how awful it looks...especially next to our neighbor's lush and green yard.

The boys had so much fun.  But, we were all starving (it was 2:00 by this time) so we rushed inside for a yummy meal.  There were about 15 of us here and I neglected to get any pictures of them.  (Except for the one of Reggie and boys that you saw earlier!)

It was a FULL afternoon of fun, food, friends and fellowship!  It was great to spend the holiday with so many people.  My boys were exhausted so we took baths early and had them in bed around 6:00 p.m.  

By the way, totally random thing.  When I uploaded these pictures, I noticed the stain on Micah's shirt.  I thought it was odd that I didn't notice it when I dressed him.  So, when I got him up this morning, I looked and there is no stain there?  I guess it is embedded in the fabric and the flash on my camera picked it up?  So odd?

I hope your Easter was as wonderful as ours.  There is nothing like a day where you celebrate the LIVING God who defeated the grave and offers us Eternal life.  NOTHING can compare with that!

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Aja said...

I've decided there won't be a good West family cross picture for another five or so years. We didn't even attempt this year, I was so sick and had to eat right then.

Miller is next to me while I read this and he keeps saying "Micah!" and then laughing at the pictures of them. I said, "Do you love Micah?" and he says "Yea-ah!" then gives his picture a kiss. Those boys have a special relationship.


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