Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An afternoon with Colton

A couple of weeks ago, Dan had an afternoon golf game scheduled so I took the boys to visit a friend.  Colton is 7 months younger than Micah and still not so sure he likes him.  Colton is typically a smiley baby.  When Micah is around, he looks scared to death.  He sits completely still and stares him down.  It is really quite hysterical to watch.  Margie says she has never seen him so calm and still as when my boys are around.  

My boys had a BLAST with all of his toys.  This makes me even more convinced that parents should buy about 8-10 toys and then just rotate them between other parents.  Kids always seem to like the toys other kids have more than their own.  

Colton lives on a golf course and it just so happened to be the course that Dan was playing that day.  When we thought he would be getting close to the hole they live on, we went on the back porch to watch for him.  
Check out his feet.  I didn't make him put shoes on and he relished every second of being shoeless!  

Jonah's face was almost as dirty as Micah's feet.  Almost!

We finally saw Dan and Robb tee off so we walked down the cart path to see them.  Jonah was especially happy to see his daddy.  

Dan let Jonah go over to look for his ball with him and then to the green for the final shots. That was great at first but Jonah got the idea he was going to finish the round with them.  He was quite sad when he discovered that was not going to happen.  

After we played outside for a while, we went back inside to play with Colton's toys for a while.  Jonah especially enjoyed his toys.  So much so that he cried on the way home because it is "just so sad to leave all the fun toys!"  

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