Friday, March 16, 2012

SPRING BREAK 2012...Day 1

WHOOOO-HOOOO!  Spring Break is here!  I'm SO excited about this.  I know I was excited about Spring Break when I was the student but the thought of a whole week of fun with my favorite Kindergarten kiddo has me just giddy!!  

Jonah's break actually started today because of teacher meetings.  So, we wanted to do something fun with the boys since Dan was off.  We checked crowd calendars for Disney and all the parks were at a 10 so we opted to avoid that madness.  Instead, we got up early this morning and headed to DeLeon Springs State Park.  We filled one of our beach bags with swimsuits, sunscreen, towels and cups of water and off we went.  

We first visited this place when Jonah was just three years old.  Reggie and Kim took us there the week after Dan was voted in as Pastor of SBC.  Jonah has been again with other friends but Dan and I haven't been back.  So, we were looking forward to going with our boys this morning.  

Our first stop was the Old Sugar mill Pancake House.  The boys walked together down the sidewalk with us behind them.  And, by walked together, I mean more like Jonah dragged him and kept pulling him because Micah wanted to run into the bushes.  

We got to our seats and quickly discovered a restaurant with a hot griddle built into the table might not have been the best idea with a 16 month old grabby boy!  We adjusted our seating arrangements and did our best to keep him from injuring himself.  

It was my job to pour the pancake batter and Jonah's job to put the toppings on the pancakes.  He chose blueberries and chocolate chips for all of us.  

We also ordered four eggs and four pieces of bacon.  Jonah cracked the eggs and I scrambled the eggs.  

After a yummy breakfast, we headed out to the playground while Dan worked up the nerve to get in the chilly water at DeLeon Springs.  Jonah had his heart set on getting in the water so we "discussed" it while the boys played.  I didn't even take a swim suit because I knew there was NO way I was getting in 72 degree water.  I usually wait until our pool temp hits 90 degrees before I touch it.  

Isn't this beautiful?  We live near so many beautiful places.  We don't always take advantage of them because life gets in the way but days like this make me realize how intentional we need to be in order to "soak up" all this area offers.  

After playing on the playground for a while, Jonah was ready to swim.  He touched his toes in the water to be sure he was up for the adventure.  Even though it was cold, he was READY!

All ready for the first swim of the season.  Dan said he didn't mind since this was Ponce De Leon's Fountain of Youth.  

I didn't think Micah would like it.  I.  WAS.  WRONG!!!!  Oh, so wrong!  That little wild man LOVED it.  He squealed, screamed, giggled and gasped.  

After drying the boys off and heading to the car, we stopped at this tree to let them play.  They were having a BLAST until Dan spotted the sign that said "Please Don't Climb on the Tree!"  So, we broke the hearts of two little boys and told them they couldn't climb anymore.  

After our super fun adventure, we headed back home with a couple of very tired little boys.  Now do you see why I LOVE Spring Break???

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