Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The first swim of 2012

As I mentioned in a previous post, our Spring Break was supposed to be spent in Mississippi and Louisiana with friends and family.  When Jonah broke his arm, we had to come up with a different plan for Jonah's break from school.  I asked Jonah if he wanted to go down to Disney today but he didn't.  I was kind of glad because the crowds are a little crazy.  His doctor has told us to avoid sand and playgrounds so that eliminated many other options.  

I let him pick where we had lunch.  I'm sure it will no surprise to you that he chose Subway.  After lunch, we came home and tried to decide what to do.  We were sitting on the back porch talking and he said "I wish I could swim!"  I checked the pool temp and it was 82.  Since the boys swam last Friday in the springs with a temp of 72, I felt sure he would have no problem in the pool.  I called Dan to see if there was any reason he shouldn't swim.  Dan said the pool was ready and for him to jump in.  

I put my tea in the cup holder of my chair and helped Jonah change into his suit.  I looked up and a certain little boy was gulping my tea.  

When Jonah was at the doctor yesterday, we opted for a waterproof cast for him.  Insurance doesn't cover it but we knew it would make his life so much easier.  It was well worth the extra $35 to give him freedom in the pool and bath.  Today proved that to be very true!
Micah couldn't keep himself away from my tea.  At least it was unsweet!  I finally had to move it inside. I had a great fear of caffeine overload.  Especially since it was the first caffeine I recall him ever having.  

Micah wanted to be in the water so bad.  I just could NOT get in that 82 degree pool.  So, I entertained him on the porch as long as I could.  And, it was close to his nap time.  

Our neighbor called to say they had a card for Jonah so I told them to come through the back gate.  Jax gave Jonah his card then decided he wanted to swim too.  

Micah kept slipping on the wet concrete so I went inside to grab his swim shoes.  Doesn't he look super cool?  Ha!

I'm glad Jonah has broken the pool in and that he can spend lots of time there.  I'm especially glad that he is comfortable being in there alone with just me on the side watching.  Until that temp hits the 90 degree mark, I'll be on the side cheering him on.  

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