Friday, March 30, 2012

The Butterfly Art Exhibit

Kindergarten has been fun for Jonah.  I'm not just talking about the actual part of going to school but every single thing that has anything to do with his school.  (Like, he even sings the school song as he his playing!?!?)  And, because he is new to this whole school thing, he takes EVERY thing literal.  For instance, when the morning announcements say "you need to come to skate night..." he thinks they mean that he NEEDS to be there.  He has had several meltdowns over things we could not attend due to calendar issues.  It isn't because he really wanted to go but because Mrs. (insert random adult from his school) said he needed to be there.

So, pretty soon after Christmas, we started hearing about the big art show at school.  He talked about it all the time.  On numerous occasions, he would say "Don't forget about the Butterfly Exhibit and art show because I need to go and I want you and daddy there too!"  I'm serious, he talked about it ALL. THE. TIME!  So, surely we wouldn't forget.  Right?  As the Grinch would say, WRONG-O!!!!

Even with all of his incessant reminders, the information that came home several times from the school and the big reminders at the school, I still forgot.  In my defense, it happened on a Wednesday.  We knew from the beginning that Dan couldn't be there.  Wednesdays are a super busy day for him so that was never really an option.  Also, Wednesday is the day he goes home with a friend each week.  So, I didn't get reminded when I picked him up.  

I had been out all morning with Micah and got him home and down for a much needed nap.  He was 15 minutes into his nap with my friend sent me a text asking if I was going to be at the art show.  OH DEAR!  I knew Jonah was there with his friend waiting on me.  I felt awful!!  The worst part was that Micah was asleep and since I knew how tired he was, waking him up after 15-20 minutes would be a disaster.  I let him keep sleeping and started calling people who might could come stay with him while I ran to Jonah's school.  After several unsuccessful attempts, I just woke him a rushed right up there.  

I got there and quickly found him.  He was thrilled that I "FINALLY" made it!  Hey, at least he was in good hands.  And, he was having fun with his friend.  So, it wasn't TOTAL mommy failure.  Close, but not total!  
Before I go any further, let me say, neither Dan nor myself are artistic.  We don't even border creative.  So, we never expected our children to excel in art.  Apparently we shot too low.  Check out this kids work!  His is the middle painting.  I was BLOWN AWAY!  I kept saying "Did you really do that by yourself?"

The art show had several animals from the Central Florida zoo there.  The kids got to touch them and learn about them.  

There were also several stations set up for them to do various artistic things.  The art teacher was telling me how I needed to get whatever this next thing was.  She followed it up by saying "it is super messy and hard to clean up but the colors are very vibrant and make such beautiful things!"  Yeah, she obviously knows me NONE!  Don't think I'll be purchasing anything that is prefaced with "super messy and hard to clean up!!!"

After purchasing his framed print, we walked into the art room.  It was beautiful.  All of the grades painted various parts of the room with neon paint and then they replaced the lights with black lights.  It was really cool.  

I'm so grateful my friend sent me that text so I didn't miss the entire thing.  Jonah would have been crushed.  And, after seeing it, I would have been sad too.  And this guy, whew, remind me to NEVER wake him after a short nap.  He is used to 4-6 hours worth of nap time each day.  He does okay if he misses it altogether but getting that little amount MESSED HIM UP!


Anonymous said...

That painting is amazing, Jonah! I love it & you so much!!

Penny said...

Love his painting! Glad you "finally" made it! ;)


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