Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another little friend

Holder and Miller came over to play for a while today while their mom had an appointment.  Jonah and Miller really hit it off.  Usually the two BIGS play together while the two LITTLES play on their own.  That wasn't the case today.  Jonah totally took up with Miller.  I snapped these pictures of the two of them.  They were oblivious to my snapping away because they were loving reading together.  


Aja said...

Jonah's so sweet to read "Melmo!" to Milly. You're a trooper for taking them on with three already at your house! I have much to learn from you...

Penny said...

I think Jonah probably loved mentoring a toddler that he wasn't having to put in a headlock just to get a picture. lol


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