Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little boys!

I was reading a blog tonight about a little girl and her mommy having tea parties while the big brother is at school.  For just a minute, I thought "I wish I could do that."  Then, I was reminded that I'm a boy momma for a reason.  And, while smocked dresses and big bows make my heart flutter, girl clothes for an 8 year old make me want to cry.  And, just yesterday, I had four little boys (including Micah) at my house for several hours and there was no drama.  NONE.  No one cried, pouted or screamed.  Instead, they played puppy dogs, Star Wars and ate A LOT!  I've always heard people say that "boys love their mommas!"  Heck, I say that to every mom who discovers she is pregnant with a baby boy.  I do think it is true.  Boys do love their mommas!  But, this momma sure loves her boys!  (and her boy's friends!)

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Aja said...

This blog post is exactly why I'll be fine if I never have a girl. Won't feel like I'm missing a thing!


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