Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family time at the park

After Jonah's last Upward Basketball game yesterday, we ran home to change clothes then headed out again.  After a quick lunch as Subway, we went to a local park.  This park is about 3 miles from our house but we had never been.  There are paved trails all around the park and one that goes 3 miles and ends up at Blue Spring State Park.  I definitely want to take my bike back and do that!  We started at the playground and spent a while there.  

A certain 15 month that lives in our house has NO FEAR.  N.O.N.E.  He launched himself right up this rock climbing wall while his 5 year old brother watched.  

Then he went down the curvy slide.  Again and again and again.  He giggled the whole way down and squealed until he got to the top again.  And, just as a side note, I normally do playgrounds alone but I totally discovered the benefit of Dan's help.  A set of hands at the top and bottom really came in handy.  

We heard there was a hiking trail through the woods that led to a lake so we decided to do that.  In that moment, I wished we had a jogging stroller rather than the one we had.  This one was NOT made for off-road activities.  

We all enjoyed the time out there.  It was fun being the middle of the woods.  The boys got to run and play and just be boys.  They played with sticks and rocks.  They ran and jumped.  The giggled and screamed.  It was fun!  Oh, and Micah fell down...A LOT!  (Walking on uneven ground is tough for a toddler!)

And, in true Jonah fashion, he found a map! 
When we got back to the playground, we were the only people there.  Both boys gravitated to the place they wanted to play.  Jonah ended up on the toddler side and Micah on the big kid side.  Dan noticed it and pointed it out.  Such an accurate depiction of those two!  Jonah playing it safe and Micah living dangerously! 

We even took Jonah's bouncy ball with us so he could bounce for a while.  He loved that.  

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Barb said...

That looks like a cool walk! What a fun day.


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