Friday, February 3, 2012

A baby changes everything!

When we left Vidalia, we sold our wood table and chairs in hopes of buying something "prettier" when we got here.  One of the first purchases we made was a beautiful corner baker's rack and glass top table. Jonah was over 3 at the time and I knew he could handle the glass top.  Well, since little Micah man was not on our radar, we were thrilled with this purchase.  But, with each passing day, Micah reminds me why we do not need a glass top table.  So, I just listed it on Craigslist.  I wanted to just store it for a few years until we are well our of the toddler/early preschool days.  But, the cost of storage would end up costing more than buying a new table/chairs/rack.  So, it must go.  And, I'll replace it with some sort of wooden table that is almost indestructible.  The joys of little boys!

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