Saturday, January 21, 2012

Upward Basketball- Game 1

We just completed our third Upward Basketball game so I felt it was time to post the pictures from the first game.  You know, two weeks late!  And, since today looked exactly like the first two weeks, I didn't take one single picture.  If you aren't familiar with the Upward program, take a minute to click HERE and read about it.  

Prior to his first practice back in December, I'm not sure that Jonah had ever touched a basketball.  And, that certainly shows.  But, unlike other sporting programs, he doesn't recognize or realize that he isn't as skilled as some of the other players.  And, he is have a ball!  (Pun totally intended!!)  
We have two teams of Kindergarten kids at our church and the other team is coached by Dave West, Miller's dad!  Our team is coached by Dan, or as some of the kids call him, Coach Pastor Dan.  HA!

Upward works in a way that you are guarding a player with your same skill level and the entire team gets the same amount of playing time, regardless of ability.  While that would be great for most kids, Jonah actually prefers to sit on the bench.  You know, because of the water breaks and rest!

Since Dave is coaching too, Aja and the boys come some of the games.  It is actually quite impressive that he is taking the time to coach when his little ones aren't even old enough to play.  Although, knowing what I know about Holder, he may never want to play.  He and Jonah are so much alike!  And Miller, well, little Miller would be out there today if someone would just get him out of the stroller!

The next picture sums it up so well.  Yes, folks, that is my little athlete.  The game is going and Jonah looks like he is watching an episode of Super Why on TV.  Could he be anymore relaxed???  

I have a feeling this will be a season full of learning and laughs.  We are three weeks in and I'm certainly already amused.  I only wish some of you who lived far away from us could be here to experience a game.  Today, he actually dribbled the ball in the game.  I was so proud.  The rest of the time he ducked if someone passed it to him.  HA!  He may not be a star basketball player but he certainly is pretty cute and sweet!  

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