Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reflections- Kindergarten Year

The PTA at Jonah's school participates in a national program called Reflections.  You can click the link to read more about what it is but basically, it is an opportunity for kids to take a pre-determined theme and express themselves using a specific medium.  (ie. dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography and visual arts)  Since I'm involved in the PTA, I wanted Jonah to participate in order to show our support for the PTA and his school.  

We looked at the different options and other than dance choreography (TOTALLY KIDDING), the only thing that stood out was photography.  The work had to be done by the student with minimal input by the parent.  The theme this year is "Diversity Means..."  Obviously, being five years old, Jonah wasn't versed in the meaning of diversity.  So, we talked for weeks about the meaning and pointed out every kind of diversity we could.  

Then, we started talking about what kind of picture we could take that would explain what diversity meant.  He actually came up with a few really good ideas but I couldn't quite figure out how to execute them without doing most of it for him.  Then, one day as we were talking, he came up with the idea that he had a lot of favorite toys but they are all different so they must be diverse.  Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner!

So, we sat down and got started on his project.  I used my camera to take pictures of him doing all of the work.  I'm so glad I did because he really got into it and I'm glad to have the progression of photos.  (By the way, these first photos were taken back in October.  You'll understand later in the post why I waited to blog about this.)

He used his MagnaDoodle to write the word "DIFFERENT."  Then, he took it outside and found a place to prop it up and surround it with a few of his favorite toys.  

Then, the photos began.  Check out my little guy taking all the pictures.  He was SO into it.  He snapped HUNDREDS of pictures in the short time we were out there.  So, I just followed him around an took pictures of him taking pictures.  (Confused yet?)

And, here are some of the shots he took from different angles.  I wish I had a video of this because it was so cute to watch him move all around and snap away.  

We finally settled on one photo and then took a few days to get it ready to turn in.  He filled out all of the paperwork and then proudly took it to school that day and as far as we figured, that was the last of it.  

Except, sometime in early November, we got an invitation to a program at his school where he would be presented with a medal and a blue ribbon for 1st place in his age group.  (K-2nd)  There are no pictures of that because we missed it.  :-(  Yep, it fell on a Wednesday night and we had church.  The next week, he got to be on the Morning news (watched by all the kids in his school) where he was congratulated and given his medal and certificate.  

Then, again today, I got an email from someone with the Volusia County PTA telling me that we were invited to the County reception at the Daytona Beach Museum of Art because Jonah won AGAIN!!!  So, next Thursday, we will get all dressed up (which he will HATE) and head to the museum so he can be presented with another award before his photograph goes to the State level to be judged.  

I'm so proud of him.  And Jonah, well, he could not care less!  Cracks me up!!  But, I bet if he knows he might get ice cream out the deal, he will be THRILLED!


Barb said...

Wow! Way to go, Jonah! And that was a great idea he had. Oh, and it appears you have a budding photographer on your hands. Wonder where he gets it... ;)

jenny winstead said...


4 J's said...

Congratulations Jonah! Great job!


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