Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reflections- Kindergarten Year (County)

I'm not sure if you read the post about PTA Reflections or not, but if you didn't, click HERE to read it so you'll understand this post.  Current?  Ok, we can keep moving.  We got Jonah dressed for his big awards night at the Daytona Museum of Arts and Sciences then went outside for some pictures.  Doesn't he look like such a big boy?
Some friends from church, Jerry and Roxanne came over to watch Micah for us.  I'm so glad they did because we thought Jonah's deal was just a reception.  We had no idea it was also a sit down awards program.  Micah never would have made it through that and one of us would have missed Jonah's big moment because we were outside with him.  I wanted to take a picture of Jerry and Roxanne with Micah.  Except, he kept looking and they didn't.  ;-)

We got to the museum just in time to check in, get Jonah's name tag and then view some of the winning projects.  He was so little compared to most of the kids there.  The program is for Kindergarten through 12th grade.  His age group was definitely the smallest in number.

Here he is seeing his project for the first time since it left his hands at his school.  He was so impressed to see it there with all of the others.

A man offered to take our picture as a family but the first one didn't show his project because of the glare and Jonah had his eyes closed in the second.

Jonah was especially happy to see his Principal, Ms. Link there to support him and the other two students.
One of the other students representing our school also goes to our church, Lorelei!  She ended up winning first place at the county level.  Quite impressive.  

All of the students had to sit in assigned seats in the auditorium.  I thought that would freak Jonah out but it didn't.  And, our seats ended up directly behind him so that made him me feel better.  I wanted to take a picture of him in his seat.  So, I tried.  Like, 32 times!  He closed his eyes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  I'm attaching a few of those so you can see. 

Wait, wait...I think we got one.  But, it was kind of a goofy smile, so I tried again.  
Nope, not gonna happen!

I'll show you the video of him getting his award before you see the pictures.  Because he was so little, when he walked out, the entire auditorium did a collective "awwww" and it continued most of the time he was on stage.  Unfortunately, you can't really tell that because this was shot on Dan's Iphone rather than our video camera.  

Yep, he got 2nd place for all of Volusia County in his division.  The first lady put his award (certificate, ribbon and gift card) in his left hand and taught him how to shake with his right hand.  Then, he shook the hands of all the important people there.  

Here is Ms. Link with her three students who won awards at the county level.  (Lorelei got 1st in Dance, Brendon got 2nd in Music and Jonah got 2nd in Photography)

These three people (I can't remember their official titles) who were on stage spotted him afterwards and came over to tell him what a great job he did and how cute he was.  

His favorite part of the whole night was the reception afterwards.  He asked if he could have three cookies.  I said yes.  He said "This is a wonderful night!"

That night, as I was putting him to bed and saying prayers with him, he said "Tonight, I felt happy!"  Oh for every child to have a night like that.  At just 5 years old, he had a sense of pride and accomplishment in something he had done.  And, it made him happy.  As you might imagine, I was pretty happy too!

Oh, and in case you are wondering about Micah's night.  I got a text from Jerry that said "Everything is great!  When you said busy little boy you really meant, BUSY little boy.  We're loving it!"  Now, maybe they understand why I bought Micah a onesie yesterday that says "My Mommy Is Exhausted!"


Christy Bullock said...

Yay, Jonah! That's so great! And I'm pretty sure I would have "awww-ed" too! He's such a cutie! Always a smile. Congratulations Jonah (and Mommy and Daddy too)! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Jonah! He is already excelling in school, as I always knew he would. It just seems like he should still be a baby but he looks quiet grown up in these handsome! I know this is the first of many awards and I'm so happy for you all. I love you, Jonah!


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