Saturday, January 14, 2012

Outside Photo Attempts

Sometimes when the boys look extra cute to me, I take them outside in hopes of getting a good picture.  The more mobile Micah has become, the more difficult this task has become.  But, I try anyway.  

Last week, as we tried to corral Micah for at least one good shot, Jonah ran into the garage to grab his basketball.  He is playing on a team at church and unless I'm forgetting something, the first practice just happened to be the first time he ever touched a basketball.  So, his determination to practice dribbling that day totally trumped getting any more good pictures.  I was glad he wanted to practice.  

Then, one day later in the week, I took Micah outside to try to get pictures of him in one of Jonah's old outfits.  I love comparison shots.  Because of my insanely strange memory, I knew he wore that to Tammy's birthday party back in October of 2007.  (HOW do I remember such random things??)  So, I went back to that blog post so you could see Jonah in the same outfit.   

He was walking SO fast that he kept falling down.  And, since our yard has a slope to it, he had a hard time getting up.  I tried to help him but he got mad every time I grabbed his hand.  So, I just took pictures instead.  :-)

I finally rescued him (against his will) because at the rate he was going, he never would have regained his footing.  

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4 J's said...

Looks like Micah filled it out a little more than Jonah! JC is such a good eater too...must be a second child thing!


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