Sunday, January 15, 2012

The last day before reality

On January 2, we decided to take advantage of our last day together as a family before Dan went back to work and Jonah went back to school.  We decided to start the day at the zoo.  Dan's mom gave us Season Passes to the zoo for Jonah's birthday last year.  He loves the zoo and we love having passes to do things like this as a family.  And, in typical form, Jonah grabbed a map as soon as we walked in and led us to the first exhibit.  

There is a fairly new playground in the middle of the zoo.  The boys loved it.  Micah especially loved the  slide.  He must have gone down that thing 50 times.  He giggled and gasped every time.  It was precious!

And, just in case you ever wonder how on earth one gets a picture of a 14 month old sitting next to his brother on a slide, well, don't look to this blog for that.  Take note of the following pictures.  Sweet Jonah did exactly what we told him...sit and smile!

We left the zoo and headed to a pizza place on the river for a late lunch.  Then, we went to a playground to play a little more.  Was this a little boy's dream day or what?  2 playgrounds in one day!!!

Perfect day...a simply perfect day!

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