Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Greetings from Sunny Central Florida!  The weather here is absolutely beautiful which is a little symbolic of how I feel about the new year.  In many ways, starting a new year on a dreary day seems to set the mood for me.  So, you can imagine my feelings on a beautiful, 75 degree day in DeLand, Florida.   This whole year seems full of hope, promise and sunshine.  

And, just so you know, I'm not so naive to believe that 2012 will not have bumps and curves but I'm still keenly aware of the hope a new year brings.  I'm beginning this year with a renewed passion for my Lord.  I'm so acutely aware of my dependence on Him and know that I will only be as strong as the time spent with Him and His word.  I'm claiming Psalm 19:14 as my personal verse for the year.  (May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.)  I actually made a conscious decision this time last year to remove some of the negative people and behaviors from my life and what a difference that made in 2011.  I noticed a whole new world open up for me when I focused on the positive and saw people the way God sees them versus through the eyes of another person.  I hope to do that even more this year.  
I'm excited about beginning another year with Dan by my side.  In just 15 days, we will celebrate 14 years of knowing each other.  And, then in May, we will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.  I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world when he asked me to marry him but as we have walked through some pretty dark days recently, I've come to feel that even more.  His compassion towards people, his strong leadership skills, his integrity, his ability to remain quiet and defenseless when he has every right to do the opposite, his quiet strength, his humility, his love for God's word, His church, His truths and his leadership of our family have been spotlighted recently. I love him more than I ever thought I could.

And, these little boys...what sweet ones they are!  We, like all parents I'm sure, find ourselves saying things like "He is so sweet" or "Look how cute he is" or "Isn't he precious?" time after time each day.  I look at them and see innocence.  I want to be a better person because of them.  I want to love Jesus more and live my life for HIS glory in order to show them.  Sometimes when I rock Micah or snuggle with Jonah, I ask God to protect them or keep them healthy but most of all, I find myself praying God would use them for His glory.  And, let me tell you, as a parent, that is a SCARY thing to pray.  Back in early 2009, I read this quote from Beth Moore and it did something to me inside.  "I want a thousand things for my children, and I ask without hesitation!  But, I want nothing more than for God to be glorified.  The only thing that will matter forever is the glory that came to God through their lives."  So, I pray that sincerely for the sweet little lives on loan to me from Him.   

If your family is like ours, your may be ready to jump into a new year with both feet.  2011 may have brought some things your way that you weren't ready for.  You still may not see God's plan or hand in what came your way.  But, I hope that you can trust the Hand that holds you even when you can't see where it is leading.  That's what I'm doing!  I can't promise tomorrow will be filled with happiness or sunshine but I can rest in the fact that I KNOW who holds my tomorrow and that alone is reason enough to welcome another year!

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Audra Laney said...

Beautiful post, Nicki, as always. I, too, have been praying that God be glorified in the lives of my children. It's so difficult to let go of that sense of "control" that we have over their lives--their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives--and say, "God, it's yours. It's always been yours. But I'm acknowledging that completely and I'm surrendering to your will." It's difficult to put into words how hard that was for me. When I prayed that the first time, I sat crying at the foot of my bed, in fear of what God was going to allow in the future. But he's remained faithful in assuring me that he is going to uphold us through whatever he allows our way. He will be faithful and He will still be completely good--no matter what. And he assures me that this world, this tiny glimpse into a keyhole that we have, is NOTHING compared to what's to come. It's short, It's finite. And it has Satan prowling throughout it, attempting to devour us. He's given me such HOPE this last year in the certainty of what we have to look forward to when our souls pass on. And that has made all the difference in letting go of those pretend reigns of control.

I admire you so much as a wife, mom, and Christian woman. Press on in your faith. You're an inspiration and are constantly reflecting our Lord! Praise God!


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