Monday, January 30, 2012

Disney With the West Family

If you are my friend on Facebook, then you probably saw this status update a couple of days ago.

For the past 2 years and 5 months, I have loved living in Florida. These CONSTANT Romney/Gingrich calls due to the primaries are about to send me over the edge. Especially when there is a sick baby boy trying to nap. 20+ calls in two days!!

Oh my goodness!  It is driving me insane. It has made me despise living in a battleground state.  But, every time (all 20+ a day!!!) the phone rings and I feel my blood pressure rise, I try to think of the things I love about this state.  There are so many.  But, one is the beautiful discounts you get at places like Disney because we are Florida residents.  Just recently, we had friends from another state buy annual passes for their family of three and they paid $1600.  We didn't even pay a third of that for ours.  Granted, we have the pass that blacks out the busy times but I have no desire to go when it is busy anyway so it is a win-win for me.  

But, because we have passes, we have been twice in the last couple of weeks with Aja and her family.  On Martin Luther King's birthday, schools were out and banks were closed so Jonah and Dave got to go with us.  Since everyone else was going, we convinced Dan to take the day off and go with us.  He actually worked a 16 hour day on the Sunday before that so he was due a little down time.  (As if Disney counts as down time!)

The got to our house around 6:45 that morning and after a little switcheroo of kiddos, we headed west on I-4.  Our stop that day was Animal Kingdom.  You might remember THIS post where I mentioned a certain incident that happened on the way down.  Fortunately, Jonah felt much better and wanted to go on to the park after we bought him new clothes.  

My normally happy-go-lucky baby FREAKED out as soon as we got on the safari.  One might think it was due to the animals but it happened the moment we stepped into the jeep.  (It wasn't really a jeep but I can't think of the official name so tonight, a jeep it was!!!)

Dave and Aja look like quite the tourists in this picture.  
Looking back at these photos reminds me of how pale and mellow Jonah was the rest of the day.  

And, just in case you thought this might be a Disney post WITHOUT Jonah reading a map, you might be wrong.  

It was a really fun day but we had to cut it short because Dan and Jonah had to be back at the church by 5:30 for Upward practice.  That was okay because Micah and I had plans to go back with Aja and Miller the very next week.  Aja made breakfast reservations at The Crystal Palace inside The Magic Kingdom for us and the little boys.  It was another early morning but one that did not involve puke and for this, we were both very grateful.  

We weren't sure how either boy would react to the characters. I thought Micah would freak.  Eyeore walked up beside him and crouched down.  I knew when Micah turned his head that the screams would come. 

I was wrong.  He just stared at him.  Very intently, I might add.  Miller, on the other hand, did freak.  I think it was worse for him because his mom was gone to get his food and wasn't there with him when that scary thing showed up.  

Aja thought he would do much better with Tigger since he knows who he is. But, he scared him too.  I forget which one it was but Miller pushed him away and said "NO!"  That boy knew what he wanted and it wasn't a character!!

Micah kept leaning in to give Tigger love.  It was so sweet to watch.  

Aja showed Milly that Tigger was nice but he wasn't sold.  He was okay with his mommy between them. 

If you look close, you'll see a strawberry in Micah's hand.  After he interacted with Piglet for a little bit, he reached down and grabbed that strawberry and tried to feed him.  That is huge.  If you know my boy, he doesn't share food very often.  He must have really loved Piglet to offer him one of his favorite things.  

Speaking of food, check out my 14 month old eating a piece of bacon.  BACON, y'all!!!!  

He wanted more but I wouldn't let him have it.  This is what I got.  

I convinced him a banana was better for him than a piece of bacon.  (Actually, I hid the bacon and only gave him the banana as a choice!)

Then came Pooh.  Oh, how sweet.  He loved him.  

After a fun breakfast, we headed outside to have a little fun in the park.  Micah heard the music and started clapping.  The kid loves some music.  

Sweet little Miller just sat on his lap and took everything in.  All the while, I was holding Micah's belt loops to avoid him hurling himself overboard on the Jungle Cruise.  

By the way, we didn't coordinate their clothes that day but it sure looks like we did.  

Look at those little mouths on "It's A Small World!"  They loved it.  I usually get bored with that ride very quickly but not on that day.  I could have ridden several times with them.  So sweet.  

Once again, Miller sitting so still and orderly.  Micah, (I think) is on the floorboard at this point.  Like I said, he REALLY enjoyed that ride!!

But, not long into the ride home, he was gone!  A little boy can only handle so much fun before he needs to nap!!


Christy Bullock said...

This post made me smile! I love all those pictures of sweet, happy baby boys!

Aja said...

1. I love those boys

2. I love that I am okay with dressing Miller in a MSU bib and you're okay with dressing Micah in Gator colors

3. I've been to Disney more in the past year than in my entire life living in Central FL.

4. I desperately need to tone my arms, or you need to learn how to Photoshop tone into them, or I'm going to be wearing long sleeves in the summer. Ugh!

Penny said...

So funny that you mentioned the boys' being coordinated.... I was thinking, "She even managed to convince a friend to match outfits." LOL


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