Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa baby

My boys have always worn Pampers because that is what works best for them.  Jonah had just one (that I can remember?) diaper rash and Micah hasn't had one yet.  So, we've stuck with them because they work for us.  But, when Huggies came out with the Santa diapers, I HAD to have at least one pack.  How stinkin' cute are these???

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Cards

What do you do with your Christmas cards each year?  

All of those cards came to us last year during the Holiday season.  There were about 250 that graced our mailbox and made our Christmas season Merry and Bright.  We looked at them many times. They made us smile.  Some were from friends right here in DeLand.  Some were from college or high school friends who we haven't seen in ages.   Some were from former church members.  Some were from family.  Some were photo cards and some were store bought cards.  Some were picked out specifically for us and some were the same card that everyone else got.  But, they all told a story.  They came from people we love and care about.  They came from people who mean something to our family.  They came from people who shaped us.  They came from people that we have had the privilege of ministering to over the years.  

Just yesterday, we got our first (see photo above) Christmas Card of this season.  (Shout out to the Forare Family for  being ON. THE. BALL!!!)  I came in and removed all of the cards you saw in the first picture.  I took them out of their basket and replaced them with our first card from the mail,  along with a card Jonah made.  That basket sits in the center of our table.  Now, each time our family sits down for a meal, we pull a card and pray for that family.  Over the course of the year, each card will be pulled a few times and that family/person will be prayed for by our family.  

I love doing this.  It gives us an opportunity to be Intercessors for our friends and family.  It creates conversation over meal times about special memories/qualities/characteristics of the people we just prayed for.  It helps Jonah remember people that we live far from.  It introduces Micah to people he may not know.  Most of all, it gives us a chance to thank God for the sender and for all they mean to our family.  

What about you?  What do you do with your cards each year?

(Edited to add...
When we are really ambitious, we text the people on the card and ask for specific requests from them.  We write those requests down and keep a log of requests and answered prayers!  We tend to do better with this when life isn't as busy.)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

SBCS Auction

As Jonah gets older, we tend to live the "divide and conquer" lifestyle.  This has been even more true since soccer season began.  I never imagined the day that I would miss Jonah's events but since Micah's birth, that happens more and more.  Since soccer is an outside event, the weather kept Micah away from a couple of games therefore I missed them too.

One of those days was also the day of the annual Stetson Baptist Christian School auction.  Our entire family arrived at the early bird breakfast around 7 a.m.  Then, Jonah and Dan left for a soccer game.  Micah and I stayed at the auction while they were gone.  He spent the day charming people.  I had to be careful because he kept holding my number up in the air.  That isn't a good thing when you are at an auction.

After Jonah finished his game, he and Dan came back for a while before having to leave for a birthday party.  So, that day ended up being a daddy/Jonah day and Mommy/Micah day.  I'm actually glad Dan got to spend some time with Jonah because they have really been missing each other lately with Dan's crazy schedule.  While I do miss out on some of the things with Jonah, I adore the time with Micah.  I love life with two little boys...even when we are separated!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I love 3. 6. 9 & 12 month photos

I was just looking (again!) through the 9 month photos taken by David at Hansen Fine Portraits and just smiled when I saw this.  For about 3 weeks, this is what we saw each time we looked at Micah.  There was a tooth beginning to poke through and apparently he couldn't keep his tongue away from it.  When I saw the proofs the day after this sitting, I giggled.  This is SO him at that stage of his life.  And, I'm so glad David captured it.

We are just days away from Micah's one year portrait session with David (after rescheduling three times due to sickness!)  I can only imagine what fun images and exact "Micah looks" he will capture on that day.  And, I'm taking the big brother along in hopes of a beautiful picture of the two of them for over my fireplace.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another LAST & Reese's Birthday Party

I have been much more intentional with Micah to recognize the "lasts" as they happen.  I've tried to soak up the experiences that come my way because I know they are fleeting.  Granted, there is no way to know when every last is happening, but this one was pretty easy.  I knew that when I took Micah out of his rear facing car seat later that night, Dan would be turning the seat around.  So, I snapped a couple of pictures.  

I had longed for this day since he moved from the carrier to this seat.  Getting him in and out was not fun.  He was bored staring at the seat.  Car rides were never entertaining.  Even with all of this, I was a little emotional about the big turn around.  It meant my baby was transitioning to a toddler.  It meant he was big enough (according to the law) to face forward.  

Oh, and just so you know, now that he has been turned around for the last few weeks.  Time in the car is joyous!  He loves it.  He smiles, giggles and talks.  He rarely fusses.  He takes everything in.  He doesn't whine when I buckle him in the seat.  He's a happy guy!

His last place to go before being turned around was to Reese's 3rd birthday party.  She had the cutest little themed birthday party complete with a petting zoo.  Due to the firm grip he has placed on Max, I felt it best to leave him OUTSIDE the gates of the zoo while the other kids went inside.  I didn't want any animals to meet their demise in the midst of a birthday party.  

Jonah was nice enough to come to the fence a couple of times to let Micah see the animal he was holding.  

A little behind the scenes info...

Do you remember our super cute Santa photos from last week?  Well, right before our turn in line, I attempted to snap a picture of Dan with his mom and little boys.  Please notice the look on Micah's face. See it?

Yeah, right as I took the picture, he threw up...all down Dan's shirt and RIGHT ONTO JONAH'S HEAD!!!!  If I had clicked just seconds later, you would have really gotten an action shot! with little ones.  It is nothing if not glamorous!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jonah's First Field Trip

On Halloween Day, Jonah's school took their first field trip of the year.  Dan had planned to be off to go with him since siblings could not go.  So, I stayed home with Micah and sent them on their way.  IN. THE. POURING. DOWN. RAIN!!  Leading up to this day, I was sad to be missing his first field trip but when we saw the weather that morning, my sadness turned to gladness.  I was very happy that daddy-o got to be part of that madness.  

My little Kindergarten boy was THRILLED to be riding a school bus for the very first time.  Dan got on the bus long enough to snap some pictures since he was told parents would need to follow behind.  But, once he was on the bus, Jonah's teacher told him there was room on the bus and they needed some parents to ride.  So, he did.  

They went to the Pioneer Art Settlement.  We have since come to understand that Jonah will hate this place in just a few years because apparently they go there EVERY SINGLE YEAR!  Oh well, he loved it this time so we will just have to see how long that lasts.  

I'd love to provide you with captions but since Dan went rather than me, I have nothing to offer...well, except pictures of a sweet kindergarten boy!!


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