Saturday, October 22, 2011

The wisdom of a five year old

Today, Jonah and I passed the Optical Center at Target.  He said "Look at all of those glasses!"  My mind immediately went back to the day that we visited that very center with a little boy distraught over the idea of having to wear glasses.  The memories of that day are still very vivid in my mind.  

Over a year has passed since that time and that same little boy is more than okay with wearing glasses.  But, I did remind him about how awful that day was and how he cried and cried about wearing glasses.  He, of course, has no memory of that.  We got almost to our car when Jonah said "I wish I had known how much my glasses would help me see better back then because I wouldn't have been sad.  I would have been happy instead!  That bad thing really wasn't bad at all.  It was good for me!"  

What wisdom in those words.  He absolutely meant that only about the glasses but I saw many stages of life in that statement.  How many things/circumstances/situations have devastated me at the time but now that I look back, I see the good in it?  How many things have hurt me but ultimately been for my good?  

Tonight, I'm thankful that God spoke to me in the Target parking lot through a little five year old boy with poor vision.  

Open House

Several weeks ago, (okay, over a month ago...I'm really behind!!!) Jonah's school had open house.  We all loaded up with an excited 5 year old who was so ready to show his family more about his world.  We started in his classroom and then made our way around his school.  He was happy to point out every thing he made and show us all of the centers.  

We left his class room and went to see some of the "special area" rooms.  We started in art then drama and ended with music.  We made a stop by the media center on the way out.  

Micah enjoyed the music area.  Had we not had anywhere else to be, he could have stayed there ALL NIGHT.  

We are now over 1/4 of the way through Jonah's Kindergarten year and we are so pleased.  We love his school and his teacher.  We love the new relationships.  We love all he is learning.  It has been good.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011


 Several weeks ago, I heard about golf lessons being offered at the club down the street from us.  We checked in to it to discover the lessons were every Thursday at 3:30 and 4:30.  The 4:30 time wouldn't work for us because of soccer practice.  But, the 3:30 time was perfect.  Well, except for the fact that we got Jonah all hyped up for it and then they canceled the lessons.  TWICE!

 Since Thursday is an incredibly busy day for Dan, taking Jonah was never an option.  But, our sweet friends from church, The Warrenfells offered to take Jonah.  They are big golfers and live away from their grandkids so they were all excited about this.  Then, when it was canceled again today, they came up with a plan.  

So, they picked Jonah up at the time they had previously scheduled and headed to the golf course.  Instead of formal lessons by the golf pro, Gene gave Jonah some pointers and then the played around for a while.  Jonah. Loved. It!!  (and Mary was kind enough to take pictures for me!)

This day has renewed the love of golf that Jonah has had for a while.  He hasn't gotten to play for a while but he is ready to go again...TOMORROW.  Sweet boy loved it.  


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