Friday, September 2, 2011

These two crack me up!

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Good news/bad news

Fed Ex rang my doorbell a little over an hour ago.  They handed me a brown box that was about the size of my laptop.  I opened it cautiously.  I knew there would be a note letting me know if my little Mac was ready to be my friend again.  The first word was "Congratulations!"  I felt good about that.  

Then, I saw the following.

We replaced these parts:

Hard Drive
Antenna Grp 2
Top Case

Ummm, basically they gave me a new computer because all the major parts were replaced.  Oh, and thanks to the stellar service of Apple Computers, it cost me ZERO!  And, get this, my Apple Care had already expired but they did it for free anyway.  FREE, PEOPLE!  The computer is 4+ years old and has served me well but I'm happy to say it will continue to serve me, thanks to everything they replaced.

But, as anyone who slightly understands computers knows, replacing a hard drive means losing everything you had.  It means starting over.  FROM SCRATCH!  Fortunately, I have two back ups.  We have a Time Capsule and I use Carbonite.  But, since I've been home from my MS/LA trip, my laptop was never open long enough to back up.  So, I'm pretty sure my most recent back up is from mid August.  

Who knows when I'll be up and running again but I'm awfully grateful to know I still have a computer.  But, I would be even more grateful if everything WAS indeed backed up and I could have a seamless transition back to life as I know it with my trusty ole' Mac.  I can hope, right?

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today, I dressed this little cutie in one of his MANY Christmas outfits and headed towards the church.  He has several Christmas outfits but I'm afraid he may outgrow them BEFORE he has the chance to wear them.  He is getting!!!  So, rather than waste my money, I'm going to let him wear them now while they still fit. 

Only kidding!  (Actually, not kidding about him growing too fast to wear them.  Only kidding about WHY!)  Today was Christmas in September for our Widows Ministry.  So, rather than just show up to love on a few sweet widows, we decided to dress up THEN show up to love on a few sweet widows.  And, TRUST ME...the moment this cute little fella entered the room, there were nothing but smiles all around.  Somehow, little ones always know how to bring a smile to faces of sweet little ladies.  

He enjoyed some of the yummy Christmas dinner and then wanted DOWN!  I let him crawl for just a second the picked him up because I didn't want him to trip anyone.  I took lots of pictures with my camera but they will have to wait until I have a computer again.  

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Micah visits the Library

While Jonah was in school yesterday, I took Micah to the library for his first visit.  I'm so glad I took him alone and not with Jonah.  A place like the library is much easier with one child when your children are 4 years apart.  Jonah would not have enjoyed the section Micah liked and Micah would have destroyed Jonah's section.  

After we read books for a while, we picked out some things for Jonah.  I was afraid he would be upset that he didn't get to pick out the books himself but he was just super happy that we got him some new books to read.  

Taking a baby to the library was a different dynamic than taking Jonah over the last couple of years.  I sometimes forget the "starting over" phase that came with Micah.  It is fun to experience all of the firsts again with him but did forget just how busy it is!!  No wonder I'm so tired!  :-)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We brought a little boy home with us from school today.  He and Jonah played their little hearts out.  They took THREE snack breaks!  Soon after finishing a string cheese, Rylan Carlos asked if he could have another yogurt.  I said "You've already had a popsicle, goldfish, string cheese and yogurt.  I'm not sure your mom would want you to have anything else before supper."  He looked at me and said "WHAT IS A SUPPER?"

Obviously we aren't in the south anymore!!

These Days

Since my computer is at the computer hospital, I'll share some Internet goodness that challenged me this morning.  My friend Aja pretty much nailed it with her latest post.  Go HERE to read it.  Especially if you have little ones.  

Monday, August 29, 2011

Another one *MIGHT* bite the dust

Tonight, I drove my trusted companion, Mr. Macbook, to the Apple Store.  He has been my faithful friend since July of 2007.  But, last night, he just gave up.  I guess he was tired.  As I was typing, I realized nothing was happening.  Then, when I tried to use my mouse, nothing happened.  I took a deep breath and kept telling myself it is just a "thing" and life is bigger than things.  Except, that was kind of hard to swallow considering just last week, my other big "thing" fell out the closet and broke.  (My digital SLR camera!!!!)  Both of these items were purchased within months of each other  and now both have failed within days of each other.  I'm bummed!  REALLY bummed!  

I only have one or two unposted blogs saved to post.  After that, unless my laptop comes back to me, I will be dependent just on my phone to blog.  All of my pictures from the MS/LA trip have yet to be blogged.  I sure hope I get my laptop back so that can happen.  But, truthfully, it isn't looking too good.  To quote the girl at the Apple Store, "I'm perplexed...I'm really, really perplexed!"  As I was leaving, she said "I hope you got a good backup before you brought it in tonight."  I explained to her that typically I did but I couldn't even log in (keyboard not working means you can't type passwords) so I couldn't be sure.  She said "too bad!"  Ugh!

She used a USB keyboard and mouse on it so I could at least upload a few things to Mobile Me just in case.  That took an hour.  I salvaged as much as I could and hoped for the best.  I snapped a picture of the computer while it was uploading vacation pictures.  You know, ICOD!

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