Saturday, August 27, 2011

Micah's 9 month well visit

I scheduled Micah's 9 month well visit as we were leaving his 6 month well visit.  But, when we decided to make the trip to MS/LA, the appointment had to be rescheduled.  Because of school starting, they were SWAMPED and had to push us back a couple of weeks.  So, his appointment ended up being at 9 1/2 months.  And, I FORGOT my camera at home.  So, I used Instagram instead!

Weight:  22.69 pounds

Height:  29.25 inches

Head Size:  18.63 inches

Minus his asthma related issues, he is a healthy boy who is right on track developmentally.  I worry about him sometimes because he isn't doing all the same things that Jonah was at this age or that some of his friends are.  But, according to standards, he is ahead of the game.  I just need to quit comparing him to others.  He's happy and thriving and that is what matters. Oh, and he is cute...very cute!  Just see for yourself!


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Friday, August 26, 2011

Kindergarten Observations: Week One

I'm listening to Jonah tell Dan about Kindergarten and it was so cute that I grabbed my laptop and started typing as he talked.  (italics below are my thoughts!)

  • You have to keep your eyes on the hairs in front of you when you walk in line.
  • You can't run at school.  Except, sometimes I forget.  I run then. 
  • I missed Max, and you and mommy and Micah.
  • Music was great.  It was the best part.  Mr. Uppercue was serious about some rules.  There were 2 rules that were important.  #3 wasn't important because I can't remember it.  The most important rule was try your best.  I mean be nice.  It was the 5th rule that was most important.  Be nice to my instruments and MY means Mr. Uppercue, not me.
  • Today a lot of people got in Time Out but I didn't.
  • We had more new centers at school.  We got blocks and math things.
  • I hope Brock will come over to our house and bring his dad to see if you can knock him over?  He is really strong and I think he will win.  But, I will catch your head so it won't get hurt if you fall down.  (By the way, I"m laughing so hard I'm crying as I type this.  I'm typing word for word!)
  • I have two best friends at school.  Brock and Garrett.  Jaquez is my friend but he bes silly all the time and he touched my neck one time.  
  • Mrs. Myers was great.  She has bright hair.  (it is red)
  • They don't have teachers at P.E.  They are coaches.
  • I did the chicken dance in the Multi-purpose room.
  • Ava is still my girlfriend because I haven't changed.   We talk at school but she isn't a boy.
  • The math center is well, those blocks and snap blocks are there.  
And, if you are my friend on Facebook, then you saw this post from his first day.

My two favorite quotes about day 1 of Kindergarten!

"Mommy, you WERE right. They made us eat fast and I didn't finish my lunch. I thought you were just kidding about that!"

"My teacher, Mrs Myers looked just the same today except she wore different clothes. I guess she has lots of things to wear. We'll see tomorrow!"


    Hannah's 3rd Birthday Party

    When we came to Stetson in view of a call, I remember standing at a certain spot in the gym when one of the Pastor Search Committee members introduced me to his family.  I remember meeting all of them but especially the cutest little baby girl.  Since that time, that little baby girl has grown up to be a big 3 year old and I'm totally smitten with her...and her family!

    We were excited to be part of her 3rd Birthday a few weeks ago.  Although, if you look at the picture below, you won't think we were very excited!!  That picture makes me laugh because he was all smiles until I grabbed my camera and this is what I got.  I guess he was going for the "Look at how much I love my daddy and I'm so safe and secure in his arms" look?!?!

    The house was packed with so many of our friends from church. 
    Both of my boys love Craig.  Jonah has loved him from the day we moved here.  Micah is following in his footsteps.  But, on this day, the love only went so far!  Check out this picture progression.

    Craig scared my poor baby boy!  He went from ALL SMILES to TOTAL HEARTACHE in seconds!  While Craig was traumatizing my baby boy, Dan was in the living room wrestling with all the other boys.  It didn't take Micah long to hear the action and make his way in there.  You know, where mean people don't scare him!!  ;-)
    And, no matter where you are, someone always has a phone that is more fun than any other activity.  Elijah's daddy pulled his phone out and totally captivated Elijah and Eli. 
    You know you have parents who read to their kiddos when you find a birthday party with several adults reading to kids piled up in their laps.  LOVE IT!

    Dan's madness with the kiddos lasted for QUITE a while and was QUITE loud and QUITE hilarious at times. 

    Micah was happy to see his best friend Miller there.  I was happy to see Miller's mommy there.  She makes me laugh...A LOT!  I'm so glad these two little ones (who are just 6 weeks apart) are getting to grow up together and spend so much time together.  I pray that my boys will have Christian friends their whole lives who help shape and mold them into the people God wants them to be.  Although, if Milly's mommy keeps telling me stories about him (and certain girls...ahem) I might need to rethink the amount of time they spend together. 

    Dan continued to play with the boys while they gasped, giggled and screamed.  At one point, Eli Harper crawled up in his lap, looked him right in the eyes and said "I really love you!"  It was so sweet!

    Hannah's party was a Strawberry Shortcake theme.  I told Amy that I usually try to dress my children to somewhat blend with the theme.  I was pretty much out of options on Strawberry Shortcake with two boys!!

    The Uppercue family and Robbie, the cupcake holder

    Happy Birthday to you, sweet Hannah Uppercue!

    It was a fun time for our family with so many friends we think so much of.  What a great night and a special day for a sweet little girl!

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    Neighborhood Kindergarten Kickoff

    Last Saturday, our family got to spend some time with a few other little Kindergarten boys that live near us.  Our neighbor had the great idea of doing a kickoff party for these guys right before their first week of school.  I'm so glad she had the idea and so glad she invited us to be part of it. 

    We rotated through three different houses.  The boys all showed up in their swimsuits because each house had something to do with water.  We started at Aaron's house where the boys got to play on a slip & slide, a sprinkler ball, trampoline, swingset and have a huge water balloon fight. 

    Six super cute Kindergarten boys!
    The 3rd grade sisters
    Josh and Kristy spent some serious time making water balloons and the boys loved it.  I'm not sure Jonah has ever had a water balloon fight before so he was a little timid at first but quickly got into it. 

    Kristy, the brainchild of our party

    After spending some time at their house, we all headed to the front yard to begin the march down the street.  The boys lined up behind their poster and we all followed them to the next house. 

    All the siblings with the Kindergarten boys

    We stopped at Brock's house next for a fun time of swimming and snacks.  The kids jumped right into that pool and had such a fun time splashing, squealing and swimming. 
    Micah had a great day just enjoying the view and hanging out.  He was super sweet and just took it all in.  That sweet baby rarely complains about anything.  He is just so happy. 

    After some snacks and juice boxes at Brock's house, the march began down the Boulevard back to our house. 

    The came through the back yard and jumped right into our pool.  (Notice how many of them are wearing the same shade of blue?)

    After they swam at our house for a while. we headed back to Josh & Kristy's house for lunch.  Those boys were STARVING after their morning of fun!

    Kristy had the CUTEST cake made.  I loved it!  And, it was so yummy too! 

    It was such a fun day with some sweet little boys who have been in preschool together (except one of them) and will now venture to Kindergarten together.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love neighborhood living??


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