Saturday, August 13, 2011

Children's Museum

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Cards, Cards, Cards

One of Jonah's favorite parts of life is getting mail.  He always asks if he got anything from the mailman. So, his birthday brought him lots of fun surprises.  As you can see, he was quite happy with the mail delivery on this particular day.  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Traveling Boys

I've spent the day traveling with two of the sweetest, cutest boys I know! We left our house at 6 a.m. and flew to Jackson, MS to visit family and friends.

I was a little worried about traveling alone with two kids and no extra hands. But, the kids were AMAZING! The flight attendants all came and comment on their behavior.

I guess their good travel behavior means we can actually go back home next week. I've been telling Dan that if the trip here was bad then he would have to come pick us up rather than me getting on another airplane alone with children.

Stay tuned for more adventures of our trip to MS/LA!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Way back WHENsday

When Jonah was 9 months old, he flew on an airplane for the very first time.  We flew from Jackson, MS to Orlando, FL for vacation.  Now, at 9 months old, Micah is doing the very same thing, except reversing the trip.  Tomorrow, the two boys and I will fly from Orlando, FL to Jackson, MS.  Micah, just like his big brother, will be 9 months old on his first flight.  

We will spend a few days in Jackson and a few days in Vidalia.  Then, we will fly back home and a certain 5 year old will start Kindergarten.  Maybe I'll take a few pictures of this vacation or his first day of school to share with you.  Just maybe!  ;-)  Until then, enjoy these pictures of Jonah's first flight.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Micah's Monthly Update- Month Nine

The last month with you can be summed up in one sentence.  HE WEARS US OUT!  The kid never stops except when he sleeps.  And then, fortunately, he sleeps very hard!  Anyone who holds him, keeps him in the nursery or keeps him at our house says the same thing "He is a busy boy!"  They usually follow that with saying how heavy he is.  So, the summation of month nine is "he is a big and busy boy!"

  • All baby food
  • Macaroni & Cheese 
  • Green Beans
  • Sippy Cup
  • Leapfrog Learning Table
  • Silver Rattle
  • Jonah
  • Max
  • Crawling
  • Praise Baby
  • Pacifiers- (not sucking them, just playing with them?!?!)
  • Swimming
  • Bathtime
  • CORDS of any kind
  • Jumping

Look at those legs!!!

  • Having his nose wiped
  • Being left in his crib at naptime
  • Car seat  (He hates being backward!  He is WAY too social for that)
  • Sitting Still
  • Waiting for his food

  • Ate first full meal from the table (green beans, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese)
  • First (and ONLY) word  (Uh-OH)
  • Pulled UP
  • Crawled (army style for a couple of weeks then on knees)
  • Met Amanda and Eli

Sweet Micah,

This month has found you crying when I lay you down for your nap in your crib.  You don't cry long so I think it is more of a protest about being removed from the action in the living room and being isolated in your bed.  The tears usually start as soon as we start towards your room and end less than a minute after I walk away.  Up until now, you have never cried when put in your crib.

Oh, and since you started sleeping through the night, you have never woken up once.  Except this week.  One morning this week, you woke up at 5:45 a.m.  I watched you on the monitor and knew you were WIDE awake.  So, I fixed you a bottle, fed you and you went right back to sleep.  I prayed the entire time that this wasn't a new trend.  :-)  Fortunately, it wasn't.  I won't get mad at you for waking up in the middle of the night just one time in 6-7 months.  ;-)

Although you are quite busy, you are still so stinkin' sweet.  You smile and laugh for most of your awake time.  No matter who speaks to you, you grin at them.  The comment we hear over and over from friends and strangers is "that is the happiest baby I've ever seen!"  You really are so happy.  I love to see you smile and make others smile.  

In just three short months, we will have a birthday party to celebrate your life.  I'm sure it isn't a surprise to anyone, but I have your party about 90% planned.  I'm sorry that you have to endure it over your life, but your mommy LOVES birthday parties.  So, start preparing yourself now.  Somehow, I hope to slow down the next three months and enjoy the last days of you being a baby.  I can't imagine those days being any sweeter than the last 9 months we have shared.  Oh, and congrats because you have now been on the outside longer than you were on the inside! 

You are busy, busy, busy.  You like to move and do not like being contained.  You like for one of us to sit and play with you but you like Jonah's attention more.  And, more than anything, you like cords.  No matter where we put you down, we always find you at the cords by our chair.  (A special thanks to the builder of this house who didn't put outlets in the center of this huge living area thus the reason we have so many cords!!)

Your brother starts school in less than two weeks and you are going to be so sad about that.  You will miss him tons during the day.  (I will too!)  I'm sure it will be lonely around here for a few days but I'm sure we will manage.  We will fill our time with jumping, crawling, reading, giggling and hopefully a few naps mixed in there.  

I love you sweet boy!  You captured my heart 9 months ago today.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I heart Sunday School

We talk about God, Jesus, church life, missions, etc. a LOT in our home.  We have read a Bible Story to Jonah every night since he was just a baby.  He knows the main characters and general story of all the major Bible stories.  We talk regularly about things relating to God and faith.  He has a pretty solid understanding of Jesus' death, burial and Resurrection.  We talk about these things with him A LOT!

But, lately, he has been telling us parts of scripture that I know we didn't teach him.  He's been talking about Bible stories and characters that we haven't mentioned.  He tells us spiritual truths that sound like they came from someone way smarter than me.  Each time I ask him where he learned it, his answer is always the same...SUNDAY SCHOOL.  

I am so very impressed with Jonah's Sunday School class.  The teachers are amazing with the kids and obviously love them so much.  They put such time, energy and effort into connecting these four year-old kids with Jesus.  If more people knew the value of an investment in children and preschool ministry, I don't think we would have enough space for all of the volunteers.  

While Dan and I believe the primary responsibility for spiritual growth, formation and teaching of children should come from the home and from the parents, I can't discount what Sunday School provides.  (ie. I've never mentioned Naaman to Jonah but he can tell you the whole story after yesterday!)  And, there are some parents who don't or won't teach their kids about Jesus and, for those kids, Sunday School might be all they get.  

One of the things Jonah's teachers do each week before the Bible Story is recite this little rhyme with the kids.  I got Jonah to say it on video for me.  He didn't do it perfect but I kind of like it with the mistake.  Besides, it is better than the first take when he burped right in the middle of it.  I did stop him and redo that one.  :-)

Jonah's Actual 5th Birthday

Yep, another photo of Micah stuck in the bean bag.  If I need about five minutes of him not being into everything, I lay him in there.  I know I have a little free time before he figures his way out.  Bad mommy?  Maybe!  Exhausted mommy?  Absolutely!

When Jonah woke up on his 5th birthday, he immediately wanted to play a game.  The kid LOVES games.  We pulled out his new I Spy game.  Micah finally got up on the beanbag and was able to see the world.  

As we were finishing up with the I Spy game, the phone started ringing with birthday wishes.  He did enjoy hearing people sing to him and telling them all about how it feels to be 5.  In between the phone calls, we played with several of his other new toys and some of his new TAG reader things. 

Since his birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, we couldn't really plan anything super fun for the day because of it being a church day.  And, Dan had a conference in Daytona that morning.  So, we opted to just meet him for lunch.  We gave Jonah the option of going anywhere he wanted and he chose Chili's "because they have blue blasts there and those are my favorite!"
We got to Chili's before Dan so I had the task of getting us settled inside with an extra set of hands.  I needed to put Micah's high chair cover on so I told Jonah to hold Micah tight and not let him go.  Micah thought that was HILARIOUS!!!!

Dan got there not longer after we did.  The birthday boy was super happy to see his daddy.  He is a daddy's boy for sure!  But, as you can see in the next two pictures, he kind of likes his mommy too! 

One of the best parts about having two kids is the relationship between the two of them.  These boys love each other and make each other giggle more than anyone else can.  It is so sweet to see. 

We have a little tradition on special days to use a special red plate.  I snuck it into Micah's diaper bag and gave it to our server without Jonah knowing.  He was so shocked when they delivered his meal on "our special plate from home!"

My phone rang during lunch with another birthday wish for Jonah.  Micah was curious about the phone so I held it up to his ear.  No one was on the phone but you can't tell from his smile.  He thought he was a big boy for talking on the phone like his brother. 

The people at Chili's were above and beyond kind to Jonah.  It was kind of a slow day so I think he got ever more attention than usual.  And, the fact that he was so kind and polite to them didn't hurt things either.  As we were leaving, the manager even came out to tell him how sweet he was and gave him a birthday card with a free meal coupon enclosed.  

He was especially impressed with them singing to him and bringing him a dessert.  He thought that was so sweet.  He doesn't know they do that for everyone with a birthday. 

We left Chili's and I took both boys to an appointment.  They did great.  I worried how Micah would do since it was past his nap time but he handled it like a pro. 
By the time we left my doctor, there was only an hour until we needed to be at church.  Rather than going home, we decided to stop by Jonah's old preschool to visit some of his teachers and friends.  He ran into Ms. Nancy as soon as we walked in.  He promptly got his birthday spanking.  :-)
We headed out to the playground and saw Ms. Donna and lots of friends from the last two years.  He took off to play with them while Micah and I visited with Ms. Donna and Ms. Doyle. 

We went back inside and visited with Ms. Nancy for a little while.  We LOVED, LOVED. LOVED our time there and LOVE the sweet teachers and friends he made.  We know it was the providence of God that led us there and we are so grateful!

Micah played his little heart out while we were there.  He spent the past 8 months charming Nancy so hopefully that will bode well for him in a few years when starts preschool there. 
We finished the birthday night by answering the Interview Questions in Jonah's birthday book.  We ask specific questions each year.  It is so fun to look back at previous years to see what he said and thought.  

Even though the sun set on July 27, the birthday celebration wasn't over.  Stay tuned for more birthday fun. 


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