Friday, July 15, 2011

Video from Jonah's Graduation

I'm in the process of moving lots of pictures and video off of my laptop and came across this one from Jonah's VPK Graduation back in May.  

It has begun...

This morning, I heard "MICAH...STOP IT!"  Then, I heard "IT'S MINE, MICAH!  LET ME HAVE IT!"  Then, I heard the dreaded 6 syllable "MOOOOOMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!"

I guess this is a foreshadowing of the next 10 or so years of my life.  Geesh!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hard to believe...

We took Jonah to the Magic Kingdom last year on his birthday.  I bought these shirts then.  I could hardly imagine Micah ever being big enough to wear his.  He was (obviously) still in my tummy and would be there for another 3.5 months.  Now, here he is wearing it.  Time really does go so fast when they are little. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pool Time

After making lunch with Jonah today, we headed outside to swim.  I put the boys on the love seat and took the picture you just saw.  As I moved a little to my left in order to capture Micah's attention, I noticed something slither by me.  As I looked down, I saw the tail go under the chair next to them and right towards my bathroom door...THAT WAS WIDE OPEN!

But, more on the snake story in the next post because I have actual pictures and VIDEO.  Trust me, you'll want to come back for this one.  I get the heebie jeebies all over again just thinking about it.  So, in order to take my mind off that awful creature who freaked me out today and caused my husband to leave work and come home to rescue his family, I'll show you pictures of my cute boys in their matching swim suits.

Jonah has now learned that if you don't want Micah to crawl away, you must put him in a head lock. 

Sometimes he gets away anyway.

Kid and baby legs.  Love them!

Sweet, sweet picture of my 8 month old baby boy!

Splashing himself.  Eeeks!

Step One:  Tolerate Goggles on Face

Step Two:  Try with all your might to get them off

Step Three:  Eat them!

Two of the sweetest boys I know. 
And, just because you haven't seen enough...

Way back WHENsday

These pictures were all taken on this week over the past four years.  It was fun looking back to see exactly what we were doing on this day each of those years.  
Jonah and Eli at the pool.  I chose this picture because I'm so excited that Eli will be here next week for a visit!  Eli's mommy is my best friend from Vidalia and they are making their first visit since we moved.  I can hardly wait!!!  Eli is just a few months from turning three now.  Wow!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Last week, we loaded up the van and headed to Orlando to Aquatica for the day.  This was Micah's first time to experience a water park.  We researched all the water parks in Orlando and settled on this one since it is a Sea World park.  We figured the boys would enjoy seeing the animals along with fun in the sun. 

Before getting in the water, we lathered them with sun screen and took a few pictures of them in their matching swim suits.  Jonah picked these out at Gymboree.  They weren't my favorite but he LOVED them and wanted them "all the way to the moon."  So, we got these. 

We thought it was going to be a fun day in the sun until we learned of a rule they have at Aquatica.  All children must wear life vests.  It doesn't matter if you are holding them or not.  If you or them touch the water, they must be in a life vest.  Swimming ability doesn't matter.  Ugh!  Jonah was okay with it.  Micah was not. 

We found this out quickly after arriving while sitting in two inches of water.  This was soon after I realized I forgot Micah's hat at home and had to purchase one there.  We finally managed to wrangle Micah into this life vest and it when down hill for him from there.  I mean, come on, look at the poor guy.  His head barely stuck out of there. 

Dan swished and swayed him through the lazy river and finally got him a little nap.  That helped his temperament some so we were able to stay a little longer.  Once he fell asleep, we unbuckled his vest so he could breathe.  Poor guy.  It was so restricting!

The best part of this part was seeing the fish and dolphins as you floated along the lazy river.  Jonah thought it was so cool.  We did too. 
While Micah slept in Dan's arms, I took Jonah over to one of the kiddie areas.  It wasn't ideal for his ear issue because water shot at you from every direction.  But, he seemed to have a good time. While he could have stayed there all day long to play, I had to be the mean mommy and make him leave.  Since the water shot him with such force, it caused him to lose his earplug.  As you know, no earplug equals water in ear and then surgery.  He was a very sad little boy when we had to leave the kiddie area. 

We all went back to our spot under the umbrella to decide what to do.  Jonah could not be in the kids section for fear of losing that plug and getting water in the ear canal.  Dan and Jonah decide to explore a little to see what they could find to do that would be fun for him but not hurt his ear. 

While the boys were out having fun, Micah and I sat under the umbrella.  I taught him a new trick.  Pat-a-cake.  He was happy to show it off to his daddy when he came to check on us.  I even got it on video the first time I attempted to capture it.  

After the boys discovered Jonah was too small to do any of the other stuff at the park, we had to cut our day short and leave.  We couldn't risk his ear being damaged.  He was a sad little boy about leaving but handled it okay.  I think he is finally beginning to accept that this might be a long term issue for him. 

I took a shower while Dan hung out with the boys then I loaded Micah up and headed to the car while he and Jonah showered and put on clean clothes. Since I knew they would be a while, I took Micah to see a few of the animals on our way out.  He was much more thrilled with that than he was that stinkin' life vest. 
***We had a fun day even though there were the issues with Jonah's ears.  Unfortunately, that is a park we won't be able to visit again unless his ears clear up.  Some of you know about what happened after our visit with Sea World Customer Service.  Without going into detail here, I will let you know that the AA from the Orlando office called today and resolved everything.***


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