Friday, June 24, 2011

Sure love these little bug wearin' brothers!

A new car seat

Look who made the the big transition to his Britax convertible seat last week!!!

Colton is here!

On June 10th, little Colton Jeffrey Robinson made his entrance into our world.  We are so excited about this new little life.  So, Micah and Jonah were really excited about meeting him.  Dan and I were at the hospital when he was born and I got to take all the pictures.  But, the boys (especially Jonah) could hardly wait to see him.  So, when he was less than a week old, we headed over to see him.  We took a few pictures of the boys together.  They will see LOTS of each other over the years so they need to learn to love each other. 

Micah looks like a giant next to Colton.  It is so odd to think that because of their birthdays, they will actually be in the same grade at school.  Colton is only 7 months younger than Micah but for now, the size difference is so obvious.  But, just so you know, I HAVE seen Colton eat and if he doesn't slow down soon, he might just pass Micah.  ;-)

Yep, I think these two boys might just be the best of friends.  And, lucky for Micah, Colton's daddy hunts and fishes.  So, if Micah ever wants to be all boy, then having Colton as his friend will come in handy. 

Welcome to our world, little Colton!  The Glenn family loves you already!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Pics from Micah's 7 month birthday

The day Micah turned 7 months old, I had my camera out to take pictures with his 7 month onesie.  So, I took lots of pictures over the course of that day.  The first few are of brothers playing together.  Love those sweet moments. 

Micah spent some time in his new pack and play.  I broke down and bought him one the other day.  I had been needed one for a while and always borrowed one when friends came to town or when we traveled.  So, I bought one that didn't have fabric on it so I could use it out by the pool too.  It is nice to be able to put Micah in it with a few toys so I can get things done without him rolling into some sort of trouble. 

After I took Micah's pictures for his 7 month update, we played in his room a while longer.  Dan asked Jonah to help him do some things outside.  It wasn't long until we saw Jonah and Dan outside the window.  Micah rolled over to see his big brother then stared at him through the window. 

Dan's face cracks me up in the next photo.  He saw Micah starting to tumble and his face shows it. 

He loved watching them through the window.  He wanted to be out there with them SO bad.  It won't be long until he will be.  Ugh...he his growing too fast!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


If you have been a blog reader long, then you know Jonah LOVES his PaPaw and NeNe in Vidalia.  They aren't blood relatives but Jonah thinks they are.  He spent lots of time with them in Vidalia.  Their granddaughter calls them PaPaw and NeNe so Jonah thought that was their names.  So, that's what he called them.  He spent lots of time at their house the last year of our time in Vidalia.  During some of that time, their niece, Sarah Beth came to live with them for her senior year of high school.  Jonah came to love Sarah Beth too.  So much so that for the first 4-5 months of us living in Florida, he prayed for "Sha-bef" every night when he said his prayers.  Their part of the prayer went something like this.  "And, thank you God for Paw-Paw and Neeee-Neeee and Kassi and  Sha-bef!  And for Kyle.  Thank you for him too!"  (Why he never learned to really say her name well is beyond me.  But, he always called her Sha-bef!"  

Anyway, Dan got a Facebook message for Sarah Beth last week saying her church was coming to Stetson University for Student Life Camp this week.  So, we started texting back and forth trying to find time to meet up.  I'm so glad it worked out because just last night, we headed over to SU to see Sarah Beth.  Jonah didn't remember her, which made me sad.  It just tells me that if we don't continue to talk about friends from there and cultivate those relationships through visits, phone calls and SKYPE then he will forget so many people he loved so much.  It makes sense, he was ONLY three years old when we left there.  He is almost five now.  But, after we reminded him of Sarah Beth and all the fun they used to have with Papaw, NeNe and Kassi, he started remembering a few details. 

SB was also excited to meet Baby Micah!  Minus Zoo-Zoo, she is the only Vidalia friend to meet him.  As you can see, he took to her just fine!

Jonah used my phone to take the next picture.  It's a little blurry but you get the point. 

Sarah Beth's little sister Hannah was at camp too, so we got to see her for a little while too.  Those girls have certainly grown up SO much since we first moved to Vidalia 9 years ago this month!  Wow, time flies!  Once again, it was great to see a friend from home.  I'm so glad so many youth camps are in DeLand and Daytona.  It makes seeing old friends so easy!

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