Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Waterproof Camera

Considering the vast amount of time we have spent near water in just the last week (the lake, the beach and the pool,) **Dan says that comma goes inside the parenthesis.  I'm not so sure?  Although, he is probably right.  Melinda?  Amanda?** then I knew we had to have a waterproof camera.  I didn't want to spend much money on one but I wanted one with good quality.  I found a super inexpensive one on Amazon with decent reviews so I got it and tried it out at the beach and the pool. 

It makes the pool water look a little more green than blue when used underwater, I still love it.  I love having a camera that can sit by the pool with no worries of getting wet or ruined.  And, it is an added bonus that it can go into 9 feet of water with no problems.

We even took video under water and above water.  I see this little gadget getting lots of use this summer! 

Much a fan

Me:  Jonah, we'll go back to the beach next week.

Jonah:  Maybe Daddy will go with us.

Me:  No, I don't think so.  Daddy doesn't like the beach.

Jonah:  Oh, he's not a fan of the beach?

Me:  (laughing) No, he's not a fan of the beach.

Jonah:  Well, I am MUCH a fan of the beach.  You can write that down!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Cool Dudes

If you are my friend on Facebook, then you saw this picture yesterday!  If not, then you get to see it today.  Seriously, how cute is this?  I'm over the top in love with these two cool dudes!

Their daddy is currently out on the beach setting up a big canopy so we can spend the day playing in the sand and waves.  And, just to make it even more fun, Micah's BFF is coming to eat sand with him.  A full day with friends and family.  YAY!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Cat Pool

Dan finally joined us at the beach tonight.  We were all so happy to see him.  Jonah went down to his car to help him unload a few things.  I stepped out onto our balcony and noticed them standing by the pool.  I asked what they were doing and Dan (with a puzzled look on his face) said "he wants me to see the cat pool?"  I said "THE WHAT?"  Jonah said, you know Mommy, the cat pool we swam in today.  I started giggling and said "Do you mean the kiddie pool?"  He said "Yeah, the Kitty Cat pool!"

Mother's Day 2011

Being at the beach is allowing me to catch up on some blogging.  So, don't be surprised to see lots of posts from the past couple of months.  I'll start with Mother's Day but one goes all the way back to Easter.  All the pictures have been uploaded but this is my first chance to sit and blog about them.  So, rewind your clock back to Mother's Day and pretend I'm not a month behind!  :-)

Mother's Day used to be a day I dreaded. It is a day with terrible memories of wanting a baby so bad but knowing that might never happen.  Or, of the day I walked up to church and a man yelled "Happy Mother's Day" and as I forced a smile to say "Thank You" he yelled "Not you, you don't count.  I was talking to them!"  Or the year that our Russian Adoption process ended just the weekend before and I cried non-stop for 48 hours.  All of those are such fresh memories that make me appreciate the title "Mother" even so much more. 

So, when Mother's Day rolls around each May, I treasure the day.  This year brought a different dynamic since little Micah has now joined our family.  Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that I have TWO boys who call me mom.  Well, actually only one of them call me mom.  The other just kind of grunts at me now but I know the day is coming that I'll hear those sweet little lips says "Ma-Ma!"

On Saturday afternoon, Jonah called me to the back porch to show me my "surprise!"  There on the table was a beautiful masterpiece painted by my favorite four year old artist.  There were also cards and lots of handmade gifts from school, mission friends and Sunday School. 

Even Max got in on the action.  It seems Dan got super brave and put his paws in paint so he could mark a card for me too. 
Then, I opened a card from Micah that had his hand and foot prints too.  Dan must love me more than I love him because I don't think I'd ever brave paint with a dog and 6-month old!!!
We tried to take a picture of me holding Jonah's painting and him.  But, someone decided to eat the painted paper instead!  He got paint all over his face. 

After a sweet time outside with my family, we started the bedtime routine so we could be ready for church the next morning.  Micah was fine with this because he got to play in the tub.  HE LOVES A BATH!

I stopped long enough in the nursery to take a few pictures with the boys that gave me the title of Mom. 

We had a WONDERFUL steak lunch over at a friends house.  Jonah got to drive the John Deere Gator after lunch and loved it.  He would have stayed there all afternoon but a certain momma wanted a nap on her special day!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A wagon ride at the beach

We have some pretty wonderful friends who own a condo at New Smyrna Beach.  It wasn't rented for two weeks so they offered it to our family.  The boys and I have (basically) moved in.  We really miss Dan but he is working.  He will be over to spend the night with us tomorrow night and then get to hang out on the beach with us all day Friday and Saturday.  We are so excited about him enjoying some time in the sun with us.  But, until then, I just send him SUPER cute pictures like these.  After he got these by text, he responded with "that makes my heart smile!" 

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Rainy day at the beach

It is a rainy day at the beach.  While most people would be upset about this, I'm not.  I'm not upset because I know the rain is MUCH needed for our area.  And, since this condo is only 25 miles from my front door, chances are (and radar says), it is raining at home.  And, we really need the rain!  We have lots of days here so I'm happy to spend this one snuggled up with my little boys.  We've got movies to watch, pages to color, worksheets to do, stories to read and games to play.  So, rain or shine, we will have a great time. 

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The pool is open!

You are about to see a lot of pictures of two little boys DRESSED for the pool but not IN the pool.  Unfortunately, mommy dressed them while Daddy was still vacuuming the pool therefore something had to occupy their time while he finished.  So, out came the camera.

Micah's first swimsuit to ever wear is the exact same one Jonah wore.  Tammy gave this to Jonah for his first Easter (I think?) and he wore it for the first time on our trip to Disney later that month.  You can see pictures of Jonah wearing it HERE.

Micah could hardly sit still when Max came into view.  He loves that little dog so much.

When Dan got closer to being done, we moved outside for a few photos.  It was hard to capture Micah's attention because he was SO into all that was going on around him. 

After lots of pictures, it was finally time to get in the pool.  Micah's first dip was with his daddy and he loved every minute of it.  The kid loves bath time so I knew the pool would be a big hit with him. 

After a while, we put him in his little baby float.  He leaned back and just relaxed as he floated around the pool.  It seems he will have no problem relaxing poolside this summer. 

And, Jonah took the the pool like he hadn't missed a beat since last summer.  He wore a temporary plug until his permanent plug comes in later this week. 

Max did his typical 'run around the pool and bark every time there is a splash' routine.  DRIVES. ME. CRAZY!  I envision lots of crate time inside the house this summer while we are out there.  I think he thinks someone is in distress every time they go under water, squeal or splashes water. 

Micah had lots of fun but eventually just wore out.  I could tell he was fighting to keep his eyes open.  Poor fella.  So, I took him inside and put him down for a nap.  Then I joined the boys outside again.  It was a "fun family day" according to Jonah. 


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