Friday, May 20, 2011

Even Colors Change

It seems that every thing changes where babies are concerned as each calendar year changes.  When Jonah was born in 2006, every thing in the baby departments had sports themes and were shades of red, blue, grey and white.  Then, 2 years later, my best friend Amanda had Eli and things seemed to be various shades of brown and blue with lots of puppy dogs.  Here we are 3 years later when Micah arrived on the scene and monkeys are everywhere.  Brown is still popular but orange has made its way into the mix.  I can't tell you how many things out there have brown and orange.  

Oh, and most popular new color mix is grey with lime green and brown.  Carter's started that trend and it has taken off.  Micah has lots of that combo in his next size of clothes.  Until those clothes come out, he and Jonah can coordinate with the brown and orange.  Not so much with the lime green.  I'm almost positive Jonah has nothing in that color scheme.  Oh well, I'll just oogle over the cuteness of these coordinating pictures in the mean time. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The end of the single tooth era

There is nothing like the gummy smile of a new baby.  But, the moment that first tooth comes in, it is just as precious!!  Micah got one tooth a couple of months ago and I have loved seeing that single little tooth in his sweet mouth.  Just this week, I noticed the tooth next to it popping through.  So, probably for the last time, I caught a few pictures of this bubbly baby boy with just one tooth. 

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Natchez & VIdalia

A friend sent me this link after she saw this news story on CBS news last night.  This is a story about the flood in Vidalia.  Many people in DeLand have asked what the relationship of Natchez is to Vidalia since Natchez is what keeps making the news.  This video will show you.  And, it will show you our old house and the hospital where Jonah was born and other places we care so much about.  

Pray for our friends there.  They are worried and scared.  We are too...

Kindergarten Orientation

***sorry for the low quality of pictures.  My Point and Shoot camera is still at the Canon Repair Facility so I had to use my phone.***

My oh my!  (Dan and I are debating whether or not a comma is needed in that sentence.  Is it my, oh my or just my oh my?  Anyway...)  My oh my...that little boy is almost five years old and is starting Kindergarten in just 3 months.  Look how big he looks walking towards the cafeteria...on his own!!!  He didn't want to hold my hand.  He wanted to walk ahead of me so I could take his picture.  

He was just thrilled when we walked in and spotted friends from preschool.  Several of his best buddies will all be attending the same school as Jonah.  We won't know until August who he gets as a teacher but he will surely end up with at least one friend in his class.  At least we hope so.

Micah joined us for the orientation but I wish we would have gotten a sitter.  It was hard to focus on what was being said with a 6 month old in our laps.  Jonah spent time in the classroom while we spent time with the principal and other staff.  Micah was very sweet but regardless of how sweet a baby is, they are still distracting.  Times like this really make me miss having grandparents that we can drop kids by for short periods of time when we need to focus on just one kid. 

When Jonah got back, he was so happy to show us what he made while in class.  He then told us they paired him up with a buddy (a current kindergarten student) who told him to make his J backwards.  He was very bothered by this. 
He was most excited to see his beloved Ms. Nancy walk through the doors.  She is the preschool director at his school and was his lead teacher last year.  He adores her.  I guess it is a good thing since her granddaughter is his girlfriend. 
It was a great day with lots of information.  They gave us the school calendar for next year.  I was so sad to see school start mid-August but not end until June 8.  That is a long time.  I am going to miss the freedom we have of going and doing fun things without worrying about attendance at school.  That will be a big adjustment for us.  

We are so excited about the school he will attend.  We met the principal and really liked her.  We met several teachers.  I've already been asked to join the PTA and work on some projects over the summer.  (I'm such a geek...that sounds so fun to me!)  It is a large school but has such a small school feeling.  I'm preparing myself for the emotions that come with this transition.  I may need therapy!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A boy and his MOOSE

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A couple of videos

Jonah was at the table singing yesterday during snack time so I started videoing him without him knowing.  I like "catching" him in a moment. 

He knew I was videoing the next time but I wanted you to see Micah.  Notice how he is watching Jonah as he sings.  He adores is big brother. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sleepy Boy

I can't tell you the last time my baby boy fell asleep in my arms.  He likes to be in his bed when he sleeps.  Since he isn't feeling very well right now, I guess he gave himself permission to fall asleep in my arms at a play date today.  He slept soundly for about 20 minutes then a noise startled him.  He opened his eyes, grinned at me and then turned to see what he missed.  That was all the sleep he needed.  I guess what they say about power naps are true! 

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Hat Parade and Egg Hunt

Almost a month ago, Jonah's preschool had their Annual Easter Hat Parade and Egg Hunt.  You can click HERE to read about last year.  Last year, they made their had and decorated it at school.  This year it was all on us.  So, being the creative genius that I am, I called in reinforcements...MS. DOTTIE!  This type of thing is right up her alley.  And, she had two granddaughters go through ECDC so she knew all about this event.

So, without further adieu, I give you...JONAH'S HAT!

Amazing much?  Um, yep!  We got so many compliments and so many "that is the best hat I have ever seen at one of these" from teachers and parents.  I wish I could have taken credit but I didn't.  Even if I would have wanted to take credit, Jonah made sure to tell EVERYONE that "Ms. Dottie made it...with her own hands!"  Seriously, people.  She made every one of those tiny bees out of clay...BY HAND!!!

Jonah was lucky to have some of his special friends there to cheer him on as he made his loops around the chapel.  Nana and Aunt Jen both took time out of their day to be there for him.  It makes me so happy to see people love my kiddos and them love them in return.  Neither my mom or Dan's mom could be here for this and I don't know if Jonah noticed all the grandparents in the room or not, but it would break my heart for him to not have his there.  Thankfully, Margie and Jen stepped up to be his family that day and sit beside us. 

After the hat parade, everyone returned to their classrooms for some pictures then to get baskets for egg hung.  As you can see, Jonah was thrilled with the idea of hunting eggs. 
He actually did pretty well.  Usually, hunting eggs isn't his forte.  He isn't fast enough to get to them before all the other kids scoop them up.  But, this time, he spotted some in the flower beds right by where we they lined up.  So, he just waltzed right over there and filled his basket.  I was so impressed. 
It is hard to believe this is his LAST preschool egg hunt.  He has had 4 of them now!  He started the half day toddler class at Jefferson Street soon after he turned 1.  Now, he is almost 5 and ready for Kindergarten.  (Notice I said HE is ready for Kindergarten?!?!?  I am SO not!!!)


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