Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fine china and special days

Tonight, on the eve of our 12th anniversary, we hosted a dinner party using our fine china that we received as wedding gifts.  This makes the 3rd time we have used it.  Granted, it stayed in storage for the first several years of our marriage.  Now, I have an actual china cabinet and can easily access it.  Thus the reason it has been used twice in the last five weeks.  But, I can't make any more friends because all I have is 12 place settings and I used all of them tonight!

I'm trying to be more intentional in not saving special things for special moments.  Every day is special.  My friends are special.  My family is special.  Why wait for special occasions to pull out the crystal and silver?  

Tomorrow, I celebrate 12 years with the man I love.  That is a special day.  Maybe we will eat on our fine china.  Maybe we won't.  But, regardless of the dishes we use, the day is special because of the memories of our wedding day and the hope we have for a beautiful future!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Stranger Danger

We made a family trip to Sam's today to get some things for a dinner party at our house tomorrow night.  As soon as Jonah hears the word "Sam's" he immediately assumes we will have pizza there.  So, we did.  While we were sitting there, I decided it was a good time to talk more about "stranger danger."  We have a rule in our house about seeing eyes.  That means in any public place, I have to always be able to see his eyes and he has to see mine.  

Well, the past few weeks, he has been pushing the envelope with me and getting further and further away.  All it takes to get him back is for me to say "Can you see my eyes?" and he immediately returns to me.  But, now that Micah is here, my attention is on him sometimes so I need to be more diligent about having safety discussions with Jonah.

Me:  Jonah, if we were shopping here today and a man told you to come with him because your mommy wants him to pick you up, what would you do?

Jonah:  I would go with him.

Me:  NO!!!

Jonah:  But, I like to do what you tell me to do.  

Dan:  Jonah, the man is trying to trick you to get him to go with him.  He is telling  you a lie.  (Jonah is really into NOT lying these days and points out every time he COULD have lied to us!)

Jonah:  Why would that man tell a lie?  You aren't supposed to lie!

Me:  As soon as someone that you know talks to you and you don't think they are supposed to, as loud as you can, yell "STRANGER!  YOU AREN'T MY MOMMY OR DADDY!"  Okay?

Jonah:  I can yell at a grown up?  

Me:  Yes, only if they are a stranger.
Jonah, if the man told you that he would buy you an ICEE (he LOVES ICEEs) and then bring you right back to mommy and daddy, what would you do.

Jonah:  I would let him.  I love Icees.

Us (In Unison):  NO!!!!  

Dan:  Jonah, no matter what they tell you, you never, ever, ever go unless mommy or daddy tells you it is okay.  You must ask them first, even if someone tells you we said it was okay.

Me:  What if I'm on the floor looking in Micah's diaper bag and a lady asks you to help her pick out candy and then she will give you some.  Do you help her?

Jonah:  NO!  Then I yell "STRANGER" and tell her she isn't my mom!


Me:  Jonah, what if a man and a lady tell you their puppy is hurt and scared and needs someone to love it but you have to go to their car with them to see it, what would you do?

Jonah:  I would go help that puppy!

Dan:  Jonah, NO!  You NEVER EVER EVER EVER go with anyone you don't know for any reason.  Not if they tell you they have a puppy.  Not if they tell you they have candy.  Not if they tell you they will take you to your mommy and daddy.  Not for any reason do you ever go.  

We continued to eat pizza and talk to each other then I said "Jonah, what if you are playing one day and a man or lady tells you that they have Micah in the car and he wants to see you.  What would you do.

Jonah:  I would go see him.  He likes me.

Me:  Jonah, that isn't Micah.  They are tricking you!!

Jonah:  They can't trick me.  I know what Micah looks like!  I would tell them that is not my brother then I would tell them they are a stranger.

Dan:  Jonah, it is too late then.  They already have you.  You can never go with anyone regardless of what they tell you.  Do not let anyone trick you.  If you don't know them, you yell "STRANGER!  STRANGER!  STRANGER!  YOU ARE NOT MY MOM OR DAD!"

Jonah:  Okay.  I will try that.  (He then proceeds to point at every person he sees and call them stranger.  (Finally making a little progress...whew!)

This dialogue continued through our entire $7.48 meal.  (Seriously, there is no cheaper place to eat!) There is a fine line between teaching your child safety and fear.  But, we must have those discussions.  I don't want him to go through life afraid but I also want to protect him and prepare him for any situation that I can.  So, please let me apologize in advance for when you speak to him and he YELLS "STRANGER" at you even if he knows you.  He's being a little excessive at this point.  And, I'm totally okay with that!  :-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The boys and their dog

I took Micah's 6 month pictures for his monthly update post the other day then just sat on the floor in his room playing with him.  Those make for some sweet times with my giggly 6 month old.

Max sticks VERY close to Micah because he knows that much of what goes in his mouth usually comes back out.  He makes sure to be close enough to catch anything that might hit the floor.  I always laugh when they stare at each other. 

 It did not take long for Jonah to come in and get in on the action.  He wanted to take a picture with his brother and his dog.  So, we attempted that.  Micah would not look at the camera because he was too intrigued with Max's ears. 

And, just so you know, I didn't pose this picture.  I just so happened to have my camera up when Jonah leaned over and kissed Micah.  Oh, just melt my heart!  I never knew seeing them love each other would make me so happy!


In the middle of Dan's sermon Sunday, Jonah looked up at me and said "Mommy, it isn't very nice when you call me Papaw.  That hurts my feelings.  You aren't supposed to call people names, ya know!"

While it wasn't necessarily the place to defend myself, I felt the need to tell him I only call him Papaw when he is being slow and acting like an old man.

He then responded by saying "I'm not an old man.  I'm a little boy and I don't like to be called papaw or old man."

Schooled by a 4 year old!  Nice!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Dan and I just returned home from an amazing evening.  We had the opportunity to screen the new Sherwood Films Movie, Courageous.  This was a night for area business leaders and pastors to see the movie in order to help promote it.  We went with our friends from church, the Mears.  The four of us could have filled buckets with the tears we shed.  The movie was an emotional journey from the opening scene that seemed to suck the air out of the room when everyone gasped to the ending that made us want to jump to our feet.  

You must, must, must see this movie.  If you are a dad, it will challenge you.  I really believe Dan is a fabulous father but this movie really convicted him.  If you are married to a dad, it will make you do everything you can to love him, support him and encourage him to be a man of integrity.  If your own father failed you, it will remind you the importance of being the right person even it wasn't modeled for you.  If you are a child, it will make you grateful for the good father you have or to pray that God would make your dad into who He created him to be.  

While the movie focuses on Fathers, there was so much I walked away with as a wife and mother.  Sherwood has created many resources that support the theme of this movie.  They gave us several of those.  I'm excited about digging into the Women's version of the Bible Study with some of my friends.  

Seriously, I can't say enough good about this movie.  Watch the trailer below and I think you'll get a small taste of how great it is.  September 30, 2011 is the release date.  Put it on your calendar and go ASAP!  It really is life changing!

Skinamarinkadinkadink, Skinamarinkiadinkadoo, I LOVE YOU!

Jonah has a new obsession with the song Skinamarinkadinkadink.  He sings it all the time to me and Micah.  It is beyond precious.  Micah just giggles when he sings it to him.  My heart melts when he sings it to me.  I should get a video of that soon.  It might just melt your heart too!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Micah's Monthly Update- Month Six

It is hard to believe that 6 months have passed since little Micah joined our family.  He is so very sweet.  He rarely cries and grins 90% of his awake time.  He is a super happy and easy baby.  Jonah adores him and hates for us to put him down for a nap.  He wants him awake and participating in whatever we are doing.  I pray they are always close and love each other as much as they do now. 

Micah saw the doctor today for his 6 month well visit.  He weighed 18.6 pounds.  He is 27 inches long and has a head circumference of 17.63 inches.  He is well proportioned and falls in the 71st-78th percentiles in those three areas.  His doctor said he is just perfect!  But, we already knew that!  ;-)

  • Solid Food  (any kind, any time!)
  • Sleep (12-14 hours each night and a couple of 2-3 hour naps and then a 1 hour nap near bedtime)
  • The Jumperoo
  • Teething Rings
  • Bath Time
  • Miller- his very best friend
  • Max
  • Rolling Over
  • Interlocking Rings
  • Having his diaper changed
  • The Nasal Aspirator  (Giggles when we use it!  SO ODD!)
  • The Exersaucer
  • Being Outside

  • Loud Noises 
  • Blowing directly into his face
  • Being hungry in the car (He is fine if he is hungry at home but in the car, I guess he thinks we forgot it is time to feed him)

  • Rolled Back to Front
  • First Easter
  • Started to tripod for 10-15 seconds
  • First time in high chair

Jean Diapers

Whenever a person from a generation that precedes mine sees any new baby product, they always say "Well, it looks like they have thought of everything now!"  I've heard that HUNDREDS of times over the lives of my little boys.  If you have been around babies at all, you know that things are very different from when my parents brought me home from the hospital 36 years ago.  From bathtubs to car seats to toys.  Everything is different!

I have now officially said that exact thing myself.  The moment I saw the new Huggies Jean Diapers.  I said I have now "seen it all."  While I think these things are stinkin' hilarious, I never bought them because I didn't want a whole pack.  I just liked the novelty of them and was excited about taking a picture of Micah wearing them curious to see what they really looked like.

The beauty of having friends as close as sisters is that when they have baby showers and get gifts you like, you just ask if you can borrow or in the case of diapers, HAVE one or two of them.  My sweet friend Cathi graciously allowed me to open her newly gifted pack of Jean Diapers at her shower Saturday and take a couple for Micah.  

So, folks, without further adieu, I give you JEAN DIAPERS modeled by the (one day shy) 6 month old Micah.

He loves a bath

Micah LOVES bath time.  I can hardly wait to get him in the pool the first time because of how much fun he has in the tub.  He splashes, giggles, gasps, laughs and moves all over the tub!

Baskets, Breathing Treatments, Boys & Nana

The week before Easter, I took Jonah shopping at Target and let him pick out baskets and goodies for his teachers. He was very meticulous with choosing each basket for each teacher. He wanted to give them different things inside the basket but I talked to him about buying the same thing for each teacher so no one got their feelings hurt. When we got home, he helped me put the things in the basket and get them ready for the next day.
While Jonah was busy enjoying all the fun things that go along with the Easter season, poor Micah was enduring his first breathing treatments. He had an Upper Respiratory Infection and had to have these treatments every 4 hours for several days. He cried through the first one then just accepted them after that. Jonah, being the great big brother, sat next to him and comforted him.

Margie stopped by the next day for a little while. She got to love on both boys and even give Micah one of the breathing treatments. He grinned at her through the mask. For someone who wasn't too fond of babies, she sure has fallen head over heels for this little one.

It has been fun to notice Micah's development lately and to see him notice things for the very first time and then to practice a concept over and over until he gets it. I missed that with Jonah because I was away from him for work. I'm cherishing it with Micah.
I am not at all anxious for him to grow and reach new milestones. I want him to stay a baby. (and immobile!) With Jonah, I helped him roll over, learn to sit up, pushed him to crawl, held his arms so he could walk and cheered him all along the way. With Micah, I want to put a book on his back to keep him down.

I notice Emmett (2 weeks younger than Micah) sitting up completely on his own for a while today in the nursery. Micah can't even tripod. I don't work with him on it because I really am struggling with the him growing up part of it. Yes, I know he is going to. Yes, I know he will eventually sit up even if I never show him how. But, for now, I'm loving the infant stage and not feeling the least bit guilty that I'm making him lazy! ;-)

His 6 month pictures are Tuesday. Jonah was completely sitting up for his. I'm guessing Micah will be propped up for all of his. Maybe that sweet, one-tooth grin will captivate everyone so no one will notice that he looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A view from my pew

Dan preached a sermon about Hannah and Samuel this morning. He talked about God giving us the children we have and we should give them back to God. Jonah burst into tears and begged me not to give him back to God. He says he wants to stay with us!

The people around us felt terrible for him. At least no one can say that 4 year olds are too young to get anything from church.

Mothers Day Necklace

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