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More shopping for Tball

On Monday night, we finally got Jonah's schedule for Tball games. Unfortunately, 10 of his 15 games are on Wednesday night. So, we had to make the very tough decision to pull him from the team. It isn't fair for him to go to practice twice a week and then miss 2/3 of the games. The biggest issue for us was knowing how much the other kids would develop through playing games and that would put Jonah at a severe disadvantage. He is already one of the few kids who did not play last year so he was behind already. Missing ten games would really widen that gap. It really was a hard decision. We had already invested a significant amount of money in registration, uniforms, equipment, etc. Fortunately, we can return the things we bought the night these pictures were taken.

Oh, and for those of you who will probably ask, yes, I did ask them when I registered him about Wednesday practices. I was told "we are trying to eliminate Wednesday nights throughout the entire league so it shouldn't be a problem for you." Technically, I guess they didn't mislead me because I asked about practices, not games. :-( As of this point, we still haven't told him T-ball is over for him. He is going to be so very disappointed and after the terrible week we have had, my heart just can't take seeing his heart broken.

I probably wouldn't have posted these pictures but they were already uploaded just waiting to be blogged. So, here ya go! These are pictures from the night we went shopping for his bat and helmet. None of the helmets the team had would fit his (larger than normal) head.

We even tried a helmet on little Micah. He seemed completely uninterested. He was much more concerned about his moose!

We got home that night and started getting the boys ready for bed. Jonah was in full-on "play with my brother" mode. He wanted to hug and kiss him and do all he could to make him laugh!

Since Micah was wearing an outfit with a bear holding a baseball, Jonah thought he should hold his little bad that Pap brought him from the Louisville Slugger factory. Perfect size for Micah, huh?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boys, Boys, Boys

Jonah was so happy to have his friend, Mathias over for a play date. The both love all things super hero so they were dressed in costumes within minutes of Mathias getting to the house. Their first picture was a smiling picture then they wanted to "do a tough guy one!"

In the midst of their playing, Micah woke up. Those little super heroes ran right in there as fast as they could. They could hardly wait for him to wake up. Jonah is so proud of Micah and shows him off to ANYONE who might even care.

Both boys were so sweet to Micah and talked to him as they played. He was so alert and followed them with his eyes all afternoon. If he could crawl, he would have been right under them.

My house was full of silliness, stinky-ness, lots of "poot" sounds and tons of giggles. I can only imagine what it will be like when Micah is old enough to have friends over too. Between two sons, one boy dog and one husband, I'm in BOY LAND!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A typical afternoon

Jonah loves to help with Micah. Sometimes I don't actually need the help but still step back to let him be involved. He does a really good job of holding Micah and feeding him but sometimes he just holds the bottle in his mouth. That is a little more difficult than actually holding him and the bottle because he has to hold his arm up.

One of Jonah's favorite things is "playing school." He loves to do projects. When Micah was born, Marty and Debra (from Vidalia) sent Jonah 10 or so "project books." He works through them all the time and usually does an entire book in one sitting. They range from writing, math, reading, mazes, puzzles and coloring. He loves them.

After we do "projects" together, Jonah usually watches TV or plays on his computer while I get Micah down for a nap. We usually just lay him in the crib and he goes to sleep on his own. Sometimes I want to rock him...just because. But, usually when I try to rock him at those times, this is the look I get.

They are both such sweet boys. I'm so blessed to be their mommy and to have these days with them.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Random pictures from February

I was just going through my photos and realized there were some from February that were never blogged. I'm guessing that was because there really wasn't anything to say about them. So, here they are...


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