Saturday, March 19, 2011

My boys

Some of our favorite people, those crazy folks over at A Gift Worth The Wait, sent the boys these shirts. They (well, probably just SHE) totally know my love language where these sweet boys are concerned. I love the shirts and love how original they are. But, most of all, I love the people who sent them.

Friday, March 18, 2011

"Look at that head!"

One of my new favorite things is to hear Jonah say "Look at that head!" Every time Micah is on his tummy and has his head up, we hear that from Jonah. It is the cutest thing because he says it in a high pitched "way to go" kind of voice. Big brother is so proud!

Another Tball practice

Thursday, March 17, 2011

That little boy made a mess!!!

Jonah and I hung out with Micah in his room this morning. We played with lots of Micah's toys and read him several books. Jonah discovered the book "I'll Love You Forever" and asked what the book was. I told him the name of it and he said "I bet that boy's mom DOESN'T love him forever because he made a big mess!"

Happy GREEN Day!

Stetson vs. Georgia

Our family got to go to the Stetson University vs. University of GA baseball game a few weeks ago. I love living in a college town that has opportunities like this. And, who could pass up the opportunity to see a SEC team play right here in DeLand? Oh, and Chipper Jones was scheduled to throw out the first pitch.
This was Micah's first baseball game and as you can see, he enjoyed it so much that he slept right through most of it. He didn't even move when the crowd went wild over Chipper Jones.
Jonah was a little confused as to why he had to take his hat off for the National Anthem. It was hard explaining it to him while we were supposed to be quiet and respectful. He finally just did it because everyone else did.

When Micah woke up, he made his way all the way down our row to his many adoring fans. One fed his bottle, one burped him, one changed him, one made him laugh, etc. He was quite content being passed around and doted on all night long.

We stayed a while but eventually had to leave because it was well past Micah's 6:30-7:00 bedtime and even past Jonah's bedtime. Jonah was fine but Micah was fading FAST! It was a fun family night with lots of sweet friends and baseball!


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