Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mathias!

Last Sunday after church, we headed to a birthday party for Jonah's buddy, Mathias. He went to his birthday party last year too! He really likes Mathias so he was super excited to go celebrate his birthday. He was even more excited when he realized the party was at a local martial arts facility. As you can see, Micah was pretty happy to go too!

They did all so sorts of exercises with them. We have been toying with the idea of enrolling Jonah in some sort of karate class. I think it would be good for his self esteem and discipline. He enjoyed it so much that we may speed up the search to find something for him.

As a mom, I was so impressed with the way they handled gifts. They had all the kids sit down to watch and let the birthday boy be the center of attention without having to fend everyone off from his gifts! Then, another lady sits back there and writes everything down for you. All you have to do is take pictures and enjoy the day.
And, just for your viewing pleasure, here is Jonah with his "MEAN" face!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Faces of Micah

Back in December, I started an album called "The Faces of Micah." As I came across funny pictures of him, I moved them into the album. Here are a few of those pictures.

Super Boys and their dog!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Brothers

4 years is a big age difference. As far as mothering goes, it has been the perfect age difference. Jonah understands Micah needing my attention. He was fairly self sufficient when Micah arrived so that has been a huge help. But, when I think of 5 or 6 years down the road, that 4 year age gap really will take shape. It is crazy to think that Jonah will turn 8 and then not long after that, Micah will turn the very age Jonah is now. I'm not so naive to think that the age gap won't cause many problems down the road for these two. While it makes life easy for me now, my days of refereeing fights and making Micah leave Jonah and his friends alone are coming.

I look at my friends with kids 2 years (and less) apart and wonder how they do it. But, about the time their kids start really getting along, playing together and making life easier for their moms, my true battles will begin. It's okay though! Because, you see, I keep taking sweet pictures like these to remind me (then) of how sweet life is now! They ADORE each other! Micah follows every move Jonah makes. And, no one can make Micah smile the way his big brother does. So, in 4 years, if you can't find me, check under my bed. I'll probably be hiding there with my laptop looking back at these pictures and video!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Micah's Baby Dedication

Last Sunday, January 23, we were able to stand with the parents of 16 other children to publicly dedicate Micah Andrew Glenn to God. While we have done this in our hearts so many times, it was special to be able to do this with other parents and in front of a body of believers who mean so much to our family.

It just so happened that the date for Baby Dedication fell on the same weekend Dan's mom was here. We didn't even realize that until about two weeks before her trip. I sent her a text to tell her and she was thrilled. All the grandparents were able to be at Jonah's Dedication so I was a little sad when I thought about none of them being here for Micah's service. My mom had just been here in December so there was no way she could come back. But, GiGi was here after all so that was nice.

We were dressed and ready to go even earlier than expected (that's a BIG deal if you know GiGi...ha) so we took the opportunity to take a few pictures. Micah's right eye was very watery the night before. I was hopeful he didn't have pink eye. But, I felt sure he probably did. When he woke up the next morning, it wasn't pink at all on the eyeball, but it was pink around the eye. That is why it looks like one eye has been crying in many of these pictures.

As you can see, Jonah was not overly cooperative for the little photo session. It was bad enough to be "dressed up fancy" so early in the morning but having to turn off the TV and smile was a little more than he was willing to do. The next picture sums up his attitude!

All of the parents were seated in alphabetical order so we could walk right up the steps and be in the correct spot. Dan put me at the very end so that he could turn and stand next to me as he introduced Micah. My sweet friend Cathi (and the boy's adopted aunt) was gracious enough to sit on that side to take pictures for us.
I ended up following our friends, Dave and Aja West and their sweet baby boy, Miller! Keep those names in mind, they will come in handy later in this post. (D-A-V-E...DAVE)
While we were waiting on the service to begin, I took a picture of Micah with Cathi. I guess you can say little Colton is in the picture too but you can't see him since he is still in her tummy! This time next year, I will be able to take pictures of her for his dedication. So exciting!
The next picture of Micah is pretty awful but I felt the need to include it because of how goofy Dan looks. Apparently, he really enjoys making last minute notes?!?

Micah fell asleep on my shoulder and stayed that way until I turned him around as Dan was approaching us.
Dan made his way through all the couples without skipping a beat. He got all the names (with the exception of one pronunciation) correct and matched the right children to the right parents. Then, he approached know me and his second born son. Surely he wouldn't mess up our names?
Nope, he didn't mess up my name or Micah's but watch what he did mess up...
(Watch then keep reading!)

OH MY GOODNESS! HE MESSED UP HIS OWN NAME! How do you call yourself the wrong name? How do you mess THAT up? The next picture says it all!!! (By the way, thanks DAVE (the real Dave) and Aja for sharing your video with us!) Oh and notice Ginnie, our organist in the background! She, like the rest of us, could not believe what he had just done!

In his defense, as he meant to say his name, he was looking right at Dave West. So, it was an honest mistake- not one many people would make but honest nonetheless!

I'm still laughing at this next picture. I was biting my cheeks and lips to keep from laughing because the congregation had (FINALLY) moved on from their laughter but I look at this and see Aja is still full on laughing. Oh, it really was funny!
I initially laughed so hard that my eyes filled with tears. So, as Dan spoke, I could feel those tears starting to spill from my eyes. I was holding Micah, his new Bible and his Certificate of Dedication so I couldn't easily wipe my eyes. I guess people thought I was crying from the emotion of it all. Honestly, I was still trying not to laugh! I think little Miller and Micah deserve a do-over dedication service!
After the service, we were able to get a few pictures with some of the special people in Micah's life. Unfortunately, I did not do a good job calling ahead of time and asking everyone to stick around. He already has a few families who love him and care so deeply for him and our family that I really wish I had gotten them in some pictures too. (Maybe I'll invite them to his re-dedication service (HA) and get pictures then!)

Micah and Sandy Sproull
Micah with Bill and Sandy
Whew...this dedicating business it hard work!
While we were busy taking pictures of Micah, Reggie kept Jonah (and Gentry Rose) entertained. They both love them some Mr. Reggie!
Micah with Frank and Margie
Both boys with Frank and Margie
Micah and Cathi

All of us with Frank, Margie and Cathi. Jeff and Jen were missing! :-(
Micah and GiGi having a conversation!
Micah and GiGi
GiGi with both boys
All of us with GiGi
Dan, his mom and his boys
Our family
Us with Micah
After all the pictures, I laid Micah on the pew and he was quite happy with that. He loves to lay down and look at everything around him. Especially cute little 2 year old girls named Hannah!

It really was a great day for our family. Even with the mistake of Dan calling himself the wrong name, our hearts and intentions were still the same. We know that God gave Micah to us. We want to do everything we can to influence him in the ways of Christ and to help him grow into the man is supposed to be. I'll do my part and I'm pretty sure Dave will too!!!


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